Friday, December 05, 2008


I want my old Google reader back. The reader that when I scrolled through using the wheel on my mouse in the blog title section it actually SCROLLED and didn't hiccup and stall. I want the nice color coded system back. Or at least the blue links. I liked them better than the plain black on white.

I have declared that December is Diet free month. Not hog wild month, but no counting calories allowed. Not like it was making a difference anyway, but I am looking forward to starting January off fresh with an improved motivation and outlook on my health and exercise. And calories.

I'm not the only one with a new year's resolution either. Aaron gave Nolan one that I am in firm agreement with. We declare 2009 to be BINKY FREE! Granted, he only gets it at bedtime, but Come January 1, that ends. He is 3 1/2 and he needs to learn how to cope w/o it. He is now sneaking it during waking hours by standing in the hallway, just out of eyesight and watching tv with it in his mouth. And begging for it when he's having a bad day. And now Seth is sticking the damn thing in his mouth and fighting us for it when we take it away.

How about some pictures of drunk girls on a party bus? (Hello Googlers!)

L-R Jen, Holly, Megan, Me... yes I am holding car keys and a mike's hard lemondade, no I did not drive while drinking or after drinking... Lori and I engaged in a little prefunk while waiting for everyone else to arrive at our meeting place.

Some of the girls we went with... they were diggin' the 80's look

This is Chandra. She loves the 80's. :)

we were a little bit excited

The scary thing is that she bought those jeans the night before at Target.

Me, but check out the awesome coat in the background... totally brought back memories of junior high

This awesome chick made over 200 jello shots for the ride

bottoms up!

Art of the self portrait


And that's it for now... I'll post more tommorrow

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