Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Blogs I've Discovered Recently

Thanks to other peeps for recommending these and thanks to Google as some have been recommended through my reader...

Word To Your Mother This chick is hilarious!

Want Not Get the latest deals and sales info over here... I've gotten the heads up on lots of good sales at Amazon that I never would've know about otherwise.

Suburban Turmoil She writes for a newspaper as well, I like her a lot.

No Time For Flashcards An excellent site with tons and tons of ideas for crafts for toddlers.

A Recipe A Day I have a newfound love for recipe blogs, and this one is updated daily, often with seasonal recipes. YUM!

How about more pictures of drunk girls on a party bus?

Me and Megan

Something must've been funny

I believe I was in the middle of 'Please Don't Go Girl' here



This chick did the worm down the middle of the bus

This amuses me greatly

Chandra was inspired to hang from the rafters

What a fun night. We so need to go dancing.

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