Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So, following Tib's lead, I thought I'd participate this week in a round of Thankful Thursday. So, the following are what I am evah so grateful for at this moment.

1. Coffee. I am so frickin' tired this morning, there is no way I am going to make it through today without some much needed java. (she says AFTER a 20 oz. iced coffee this morning already.)

2. That Nolan woke up at about 5:15 and even though he was a tad frantic, he alerted us that he 'needed to go peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'. My big boy. He is doing so well with the peeing in the potty (and managed a #2 last night as well! WOOT!)

3. Because Nolan woke up so early, Aaron was able to help me get the kids out the door to the car and off to school, he usually is leaving as I am waking them up. It was beyond awesome to have another set of hands, and of course warmed my heart to see how happy the boys were to see Daddy before they went to school.

4. Also because they were up so early, we left about 20 minutes earlier than normal, which afforded me the time to buy the aforementioned coffee. And a granola snack round. And some chocolate donuts for the kids. It was a good morning.

5. That dinner last night was a huge hit. Aaron is picky, we all know this. But worse than that, he seems to like everything that I make that falls into the parameters of what he'll actually put into his mouth. I say 'worse' because ... in being easy to please, it is rare that I get a 'knock your socks off' reaction from him ... I got one last night for the Crescent Ranch Pizza... and the boys ate some (as did I... omg so good)... and it was EASY! I am actually putting together a recipe blog (an updated version of my old one, with ONLY tried and true recipes)... maybe I'll get it up sometime before the new year.

6. That I don't have 8 kids. I just read Multiple Blessings by John and Kate Gosselin... pretty good read, but considering how exhausted and cranky I get with my two, I cannot fathom 8 kids. I am still on the fence about having a third in a few years.

7. My job. I love my job. I don't always love every aspect, and I don't love every person I work with... but I feel very lucky to have a job I like, and a sense of security. Especially right now.

8. Healthy kids. I am reminded how lucky I am to have healthy boys every day... and when I'm saying my 100th prayer of the day for Ben, I am thanking God at the same time that my boys are ok. As a mother I can't comprehend what Ben's mom is going through, and I wish there was something I could do other than praying.

9. Aaron... He is seriously the best. He puts up with a lot of crap, believe me :) and we have our share of spats and such, but I am truly blessed to have him at my side.

10. and lastly... the Target dollar aisle. :) I am done with the boys' stockings thanks to the Target dollar aisle! Ok, I still want to put in some Dora bandaids and maybe some candy, but the bulk of it is DONE. Yippee!

And just for fun... I browsed the last few years of my life at this time and this is what I was up to...

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2003 All about how I hated that idiot I worked with (Satchel) and how he continued to use the restroom even after being notified that the water to our building was shut off. GAH.

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2005 Cute videos of a widdle baby Nolan

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