Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am extremely frugal. Or, more appropriately I suppose, I am extremely cheap. Luckily I married someone who is somewhat like minded, so our spats and disagreements rarely, if ever involve money. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to save a little bit of cash. I thought I would list some of the things I do to conserve money, and list a few sites that I follow for ideas.

1. I unplug stuff constantly. If we aren't using it (and it's not a pain to reset) I try to unplug it when not in use. Every morning I go around and unplug everything in the kitchen and bathrooms and anything else that happens to catch my eye as I make my rounds. I saw a woman on Oprah who does this (only she's hardcore, and as soon as she's not using something, it gets unplugged). But I am not quite there, plus I have a husband I have to convince that it's worth the effort. The woman on Oprah claimed she saved almost a hundred dollars a month off her electric bill, so I decided to give it a shot.

I also menu plan so I can go shopping once a week (once every two weeks for the big stuff, and on the weekend in between I usually need to pick up some fresh veggies and fruits, along with anything I may have forgotten). I find this saves as I am not buying stuff every single day, and because I have a plan I can use some the similar ingredients in other stuff.

I clip coupons, take advantage of the weekly ads and I also do the majority of my shopping at Winco. Aaron and I take our lunches to work, we rarely eat out, we buy a lot of clothes for the boys on consingment (though they get a fair amount of brand new stuff too), and I try not to buy coffee, and instead make my own latte's at home. Though admittedly, they don't taste quite as good as storebought.

Some of my favorite websites for being frugal (most deal w/ menu planning) are:

Frugal Little Family
Everyday Food Storage
Kraft Foods
Puttanesca's Kitchen

Please share your links as well, I'm always on the hunt for other ways to save!

typical day.


clean up time

lovin' on the daddy

that's 1/7 his weight you know

Dis be heavy!
"This be heavy exxzerzise"

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that's Mr. Fonda to you.

Love that smile


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