Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Because I was home with the boys yesterday (or rather out and about... but more on that in a minute)... today felt like a Monday. I kept having to remind myself that it's really Tuesday and that Tommorrow is already the halfway point of the week. I love it!

As for the boys, Nolan laid in his bed for about a half hour yesterday, then got up and announced "I need some ceweal." Alrighty then. He was off and running... he did fill his diaper with pee in a short amount of time so I think he must've just had a really full bladder.

I felt like munchausen mommy though, I took the boys in to see the pediatrician in the morning (both have sinus infections and Nolan also has conjunctivitus) and then we went to my mom's to have lunch and a nap, then we went to the ear doc and had their checkups. Tubes are still in place and look great, and all is well.

speaking of pee (ok a few moments ago anyway) Nolan peed in the potty twice today! This is HUGE. Seriously HUGE. I almost cried I was so excited for him. He earned himself a sticker at daycare and a hotwheel at home. Hot damn!

new favorite picture of myself
Me and Mister Blister


My sissy and I with Sethy





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