Thursday, October 09, 2008


I'm really annoyed right now and I really wish I could go into detail why I am annoyed. But it involves work and I'm not going there.

But I'm really fucking annoyed.

Anyhoo... speaking of being annoyed, I went to a 5k on Saturday to support ending Domestic Violence. It was a pretty small gathering, and it poured... no it dumped buckets of rain on us while we waited to start. I was soaked to the bone. I ran the first half ... most of it anyway, I took a couple of breaks to walk briskly and breathe... but then I got lost and then I got pissed... and then I finally found my way and had to wait for the light across a busy highway. By that time a coworker of mine caught up to me and I just walked the rest of the way. We almost got lost a few times after that as well... I was highly irritated that it wasn't better marked.

I would like to run a 5k... that's my goal. I am going to be looking around for more 5ks to participate in in our area. My endurance is definitely not up to par, but considering that the weekend before the 5k I had pulled a muscle (or rather, probably just strained the shit out of it) in my calf, and I tried to continue working out to stretch it out... which resulted in feeling like i had been stabbed in the back of the leg. First time I ever employed the stop button on the treadmill. Anyway, considering that I was recovering from that and had barely worked out... I am pretty proud that I ran at all.

Here are more pics of the bday party:

Even in the midst of a party he will sit and watch some cars

He thought it was BIZARRE that everyone was singing to him
His reaction to everyone singing to him was hilarious... he had this look of WTF on his face

I tried to hold back the eager beaver

John and Khara with their girls and Seth and Lucas

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