Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Bachelorette Pics...

A few blind items about the bachelorette party: (some answers may be revealed in the pics)

1. Someone danced on the bar with the bride to be.
2. Someone lost both lenses to her sunglasses, and wore them anyway.
3. Someone kept referring to herself as 'Grandma'.
4. Someone had to make an early exit to pick up her hubby from work.
5. Someone contributed to the delinquency of a thirty-one year old by continually buying her shots of Petron.
6. Incidentally, that 31 year old was too drunk to realize that Petron was Tequila.
7. Someone rode the bull at Cowgirl's Inc. (Ok, two of them did it.)
8. Someone lamented that she feels like she's getting old, and this was the best time she's had in a while and wants to meet up as couples and go back to Cowgirls Inc.
9. Someone took shots of jaegermeister in the car.
10. Someone gave Uncle Gary a wet willie in the car (lick your finger, stick it in someone's ear)


I'm in a lot of these because I was the photographer and drunk and apparently obsessed with self portraits that night. My apologies. Mama doesn't get out much.


Hoochies on the bar (ok, maybe not hoochies... skinny bitches? Yes we were jealous and envious and not at all bitter.)

Maybe not so much bitter as awestruck. To see them dance on a tiny tiny bar is kind of amazing.



I did this one small because karen will literally kick my ass for posting pictures of her, but this one made me laugh because although she's smiling, she's threatened by this point to slap the camera out of my hand at least 10 times. And her drunkiness in the bottom corner of the pic makes me giggle.

Sisters... or as sethy would say thithterth

The expression on Jenseen's face kills me, it looks as though she's not sure if Lori intends to get up on the bar with her or not.

And now Lori is pushing her up there and some random chick is pulling her up. She never had a chance.

Shakin' what their mama's gave em

random chick grinds up to Lori and Lori responds typically... laughing in a panic stricken fashion

Randomchick: hey you're a good dancer
Lori: thanks! By the way, your ass crack is showing!

and on that note...

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