Sunday, August 03, 2008

Our favorite You Tube Cars Videos

Before I forget it's the esteemed King benny's birthday today. He is 12 years old. 12! He's been with me since he was about 8 weeks old. I joke with Aaron sometimes about how Ben has more seniority than he does. Though Aaron doesn't shed like a bastard or leave presents in the form of cat barf around the house in random places. Aaron also doesn't try to mate with my pajama pants, stick his grody paw on my face in the middle of the night or chew on plastic garbage sacks. Well, they are both keepers regardless.

It's also Jane's birthday - Happy birthday woman! If you don't read her, you should. I don't laugh out loud at anyone's blog usually, but I do at hers. She cracks my shit up.


Sometimes we look at videos people have done on you tube with clips from the movie cars. Some are really really cool. Here are our favorites:

Scene using real cars This is a stop animation of a scene from the movie- with actual audio from the movie and the hotwheel sized cars. Aaron and I were highly impressed.

Cars East and Bound this one is a bunch of clips from the movie set to the smokey and the bandit song.

Fergalicious This amuses me greatly... scenes put to the song fergalicious.

Nolan's Favorite Scenes set to "Life is a Highway"

Sheryl Crow's Real Gone with scenes from the movie. Another favorite of Nolan and Seth

Homicidal Legos I have a sick sense of humor, so this shit is HILARIOUS to me.

Kid reenacts Tractor Tipping this amuses me greatly, because it reminds me a bit of Nolan. I love that the turbine is a semi with a paper towel roll taped to the front as well. Genius!

funny face

shake your groove thang
gettin jiggy with it

anybody home?
knock knock... anybody in there?

noone is answering.
I hear them breathing, but they don't answer the door

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