Sunday, August 31, 2008

One of These Things is Not Like the Other...

One of these things just doesn't belong... (which is it?)

1. I was slicing french bread last night and sliced in the middle finger of my left hand... it didn't hurt, but felt like I sliced into a grape.
2. I am feeling very inspired by John Mccain right now.
3. I just finished reading the leaked 12 chapters of 'Midnight Sun' (Twilight as written from Edward's perspective) and am now tempted to re-read Twilight AGAIN.
4. The clockradio in our bedroom has been flashing the time for the past week because I'm too lazy to fix it.
5. We have three clockradios in our room. One for me, one for Aaron and an extra just for music to play at night while we sleep. (Helps me focus on other things than his snoring.)
6. I haven't been to the gym in over a week.
7. I ran into an old high school pal tonight at the family fun center (Hi Angela!)
8. I threw away half a chocolate cake last night.
9. Both kids are coming down with colds. *sigh*
10. I am kind of irked that they took Teletubbies off of In-Demand.

how about some Bachelorette party pictures?

ok then,

This is Amanda. I mean 'Reese' (we all had fake names that night) She is a hoot and a half, and has been one of my sister's best friends since high school (and maybe middle school? not sure)

This is Jenseen... or actually, that night she was 'Lola'. She's a sweetheart. She and Lori met at Legal Assistant college ;)

Jessica (Alex) and Karen (Candie... heh) Jessica and I have known each other since 3rd grade, and Karen is one of our mom's best friends. She'll probably cut me for putting this picture up, so please don't tell her it's here.

This would be Erin. She and her boyfriend Tim have a standing date with Lori and Seth to watch Lost. Tim went to high school with Lori and Seth.

Me... aka 'cherrie', I was feeling like her supreme fatness that night, but glad to see that I chose well when I got dressed.

Bride to be gets her drink on



Ashley met us down there after the seahawks game

and... I'm tired, so I'll post more tommorrow.

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