Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm typing this entry from my sister's couch. It is 'Pre-bachelorette' Party time right now, and my stomach hurts from the anticipation of tonight. I don't know why... True, I haven't been out dancing in years, but it should be fun. I'm just antsy or something.

Oh and it's about a billion degrees outside... I am enjoying however, Lori and Seth's ghetto fabulous a/c unit. I am almost getting a chill as I sit here :) It's ghetto fabulous, because ... well, I'll have to take a picture of it to show you. It's ingenious though.

Not much going on but wedding stuff... I have spent HOURS over the past few days going through old cds of pictures, trying to find some for the slideshow. Today I took the boys to Costco while Aaron cleaned up our pig sty of a house. Maybe it's not a true pigsty, but the clutter and the toys plus random junk had made it out of control. By the time we got back the house was clean and the floors were vacuumed... he's a good egg :)

Here are some pics from Lori's shower a few weeks ago...

mmmm... cake.

mmm... punch

Ashley getting toilet papered

Lori getting toilet papered

My cousin getting the t.p. treatment







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