Friday, August 01, 2008


Doctors that is. I just hung up on my doctor's office. GAH. I was just there on July 2nd. A refill request was sent in, because for WHATEVER reason they don't keep giving you refills... she gives like 2 refills at a time, and then the pharmacy has to fax in a request. Well, because we didn't talk SPECIFICALLY about it at my last appt A MONTH AGO... she won't refill the script unless I come in to be seen. NOTHING HAS CHANGED YOU STUPID JERK! They aren't narcotics for God's sake. I went off on the receptionist and told her that if she (the doc) would like to pay my copay, my deductible, AND pay me for the time lost from work... then I would be glad to come in. But since I didn't think that was the case fuck it, I am not taking the meds anymore. Screw her.

Now I need to find a new doctor. This shit pisses me off.

also. Breaking dawn is released tommorrow... funnily enough, about vampires. I've read some spoilers and I SERIOUSLY FREAKIN hope that they are wrong. Seriously. I cannot wait to read this book!

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