Saturday, August 02, 2008

Atypical Saturday Night

It's ten to eight and we are hanging out in the living room... the boys (all three including Aaron) are on the floor looking at you tube videos... Kiwi the Kangaroo or something. I have a batch of muffins in the oven for tommorrow... from this book. They have pumpkin and sweet potato in them... and actually I added a bit of butternut squash as well. I am all about sneaking in some nutrition to Seth... Nolan eats pretty good; I don't worry as much, but Seth tends to only eat bread and fruit.

I made some brownies from that book about two weeks ago, and they had spinach and carrot in them and seth WENT TO TOWN. I will be making those again, for sure. It has a mac and cheese recipe as well, but since I'm lazy I just made Kraft mac n' cheese and then added some yam puree to it and he actually ate it. I'm digging it.

I am about to go make THE BEST MACAROONS EVER. Seriously... triple chocolate macaroons. Maybe I'll post the recipe another time... tommorrow is my 'free' day, so I thought I'd have a few. I've been doing body for life the past week, and am down a few pounds. FINALLY.

Today we went to a bowling birthday party, it was pretty neat to see these little kids carrying bowling balls (lighter than the average ones) over to a pedestal thing, and pushing the balls down.

The best part was when Nolan ran out onto the lane, slipped and fell flat on his back... (no that part wasn't the funny part) but then he got up and was borderline upset... started to run back to me and proceeded to slip and was totally unable to keep his balance. Perhaps I'm an asshole but that is the funniest shit I have seen in a long time. Heather and I stood there reduced to hysterical laughter while Nolan completely freaked because he was afraid to take a step. Poor buddy. I got him to crawl part way, and then I picked him up and gave him a big hug. He was fine after that... there is just something about someone (any age obviously) slipping and sliding and losing their shit. It cracks me up.

On our way home we happened to pass by Boeing field and the Blue Angels were lined up ready to take off and practice for the big air show tommorrow. We decided to go down and check it out, and by the time we parked and hoofed it a ways down towards the end of the runway, they were taking off. We barely got a glimpse but it was mother EFFING awesome. Of course the kids didn't really think so... I didn't realize it would be so loud when they took off, but it was damn near deafening. We covered up the kids ears but they still freaked anyway.

I was hoping to take them down to Seward Park tommorrow to watch the show, but I don't know if that will be the best idea considering how freaked they were. Plus, it's smack dab in the middle of naptime, and today their schedule was a little wonky due to our detour on the way home. They didn't go down until close to 2:30 and I went in to get them up around 5:30. They haven't been too bad, but Nolan's been out of sorts all evening. Not fun. I don't particularly want to deal with that tommorrow. We got a call that there is a birthday party tommorrow for Aaron's great nephew (have I mentioned how much I love last minute plans? Oh I haven't? Well there's a reason for that.) Anyway, Aaron said let's bag it, but the kids don't see that side of the family very often, so I feel like we should go for a bit. We need to be at my mom's around 3ish for her birthday dinner, so I don't know if we can go anyway.

I made this for dinner tonight, and it was FABULOUS. Seriously SO GOOD and SO EASY. We had it over noodles, but I'm thinking rice would be good too. Especially during winter.

Update on the coats... After Aaron called me at work to tell me about the coats and I went ballistic (at the situation, not at him) I told him he needed to find the director and tell her about it and let her know this would make THREE coats in a week's time and not to mention we were still missing a fucking shoe. Well lo and behold, she found both coats. We are still missing one coat and a shoe, but I will call and inquire about that on Monday. I don't want to find new childcare, but those fuckers are on thin ice... between the missing clothes, and Nolan coming home with random injuries and NO INCIDENT REPORTS. I swear I am about to call licensing. He had a goose egg on his forehead Friday night, and Aaron says he didn't hurt himself in his care, so I called daycare and she looked over the video but couldn't tell if he'd hit his head. nice.

anyway, I need to go get the muffins out, and I am chomping at the bit to get to my book.

Lukey bonks his head

first lollipop
his first lollipop

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