Sunday, June 29, 2008

My big three year old

How the heck has it been three years???

Frog baby

blue bear

Sleepy Boy


Tastes like...

it's all about the ears

Ballerina Boy


He had just started reaching for things then



curly mcgee







downward facing swan?


One year old

big boy
2 years old

my big 3 year old

Happy birthday Nolan!!!!
More O'neal Wedding Pics

This was our first ever overnighter with the kids in a hotel... they did pretty good. They were up late, and Nolan was up EARLY... but he played quietly at the foot of the bed and didn't make a mess, so SUCCESS!

They were hugely tired and grumpy the next day, but oh well. Hopefully it goes smooth this weekend right?!


Daddy waited patiently in the car with the boys
what I came out to find after the ceremony... they took refuge in the air conditioned car

Intent on getting the chock-oh-lott out of there

dancing with their bad selves

mama and seffy

going in for a dip

my theethter

silly boy
flirting with mama

Friday, June 27, 2008

Off we go

we leave today for our second road trip of the summer! After running some errands, and a few appointments we will be going over to Eastern Washington to see Matt and Auntie Ruth. Matt is getting married, and I am really excited to meet his fiancee and see everyone! Plus, I love a wedding :)

Here are some pics from our last road trip to Connor and Stacie's Wedding in Yakima... that was a lot of fun as well.

daddy and the boys before the ceremony began (and actually where they stayed once it did begin. The kids were NOT able to chill themselves out enough to sit in the church.

Me, Chandra and Holly. WTF was up with the bug eyes. Those suckers are going in the trash PRONTO.

the Bride and Groom's sons Logan and Caiden... so cute!


The bride and her parents

I thought her dress was gorgeous!

The Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. O'neal

The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. B.

the reception hall was very pretty

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4:42 AM

That's what time it is as I write this... I have been up since 3:20 or so. Nolan woke up crying (was out of water) so I went in and got him some more... and then I remembered how I keep wanting to get up early(er)to work out, but never can drag my ass out of bed and thought "well crap. I might as well" I quickly brewed a small cup of coffee and changed into my workout clothes and I did it. Normally I would just be getting up and getting in the shower at this time, so I feel pretty good that my workout is already done.

I am not sure if my boss is taking me and the other Legal Assistants out to lunch today or tommorrow, but whichever day it is I won't be able to hit the gym on my break, so I wanted to be sure I was covered. Of course, now that i got up early today it'll probably be tommorrow... if I'm up to it, I'll hit the gym at lunch today anyway if that is the case.

anyhoo, here are some pics from Nolan's buddy's birthday party a few weeks ago...

Aidan's adorable cake
his mom made the cake, I thought it was really cute!

they have a nice big set of stairs in their house and the kids had so much fun going up and down them

Seth and daddy wait for the puppet show to begin

Puppet Stage
puppet stage

Georgie the giraffe is peeking out from behind the stage while miss Shelly (?) sings to the kids

high five with Georgie the Giraffe
Nolan got to give him a high five

coloring his paper dolls of Georgie

hmm... what's back here?
Mr. Mischief wouldn't stay out from behind the stage... just had to see what was back there

Mischief boy

they wouldn't stand together... getting three year olds to pose together is like herding cats