Saturday, May 31, 2008

A (mostly) Nolan pictorial

they are the same


dis heavy
dis be heavy

Aaron's got a future in toddler wrangling


Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend Plans?

What's going on for this weekend? We don't have a whole lot lined up. I am hoping for good weather so we can start our days at the beach. Saturday afternoon we have a bbq to go to in Shoreline, some friends from my mommy's board. I haven't seen them in ages, and I am really really looking forward to it! Sunday afternoon I believe Nolan's Godparents are going to come for a visit. I'm sure we'll work in a visit to my parents and a visit to Aaron's Grandma as well. How about you?

action shot

busted squash

Nolan prefers going down on his belly


my favorite shot of the day
one of my new all time favorites


no like! no like!
But I don't yike the grass!

not a fan of grass

ho hum.


happy boy

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Weekend Catch Up

I am tired. TIRED. I don’t exactly know what my deal is, I was in bed at a relatively good time last night, but I did get up around 3:45 to work out. Mondays are my killer days… up at 3:45 for a 30 min work out, a lunch time workout and an evening workout. Am I insane? Yes. I also am dying to get in shape and bought a dress this weekend that I’d really like to wear to a wedding we are going to on the 7th… I could technically wear it now, but it would look better if I were a little more trim in the mid section.

Who am I kidding, everything I own would look better if I were a little more trim in the midsection. Anyhoo, to recap, Friday night we went to Walmart to pick up a few things that were needed… including m&m’s ice cream bars. And you wonder why I’m at the gym 3 times a day. Because I’m an idiot who can’t NOT eat stuff that’s bad for me. I have to go cold turkey… I can’t just have a little here, a little there. But again, I digress.

Saturday morning we went to the beach again, Aaron got to witness something I’ve only seen a handful of times. The boys both playing side by side quietly for longer than 30 seconds. It was AWESOME. Much fun was had, and much sand was eaten (by seth)… pictures to come soon. After that we stopped at Target and then went home and put the boys down for a nap. I then went to Babies R us and Old Navy, then grocery shopped and came home and packed everyone up and over to papa and nana’s we went. We had dinner there and got home much later than normal… the boys didn’t get into bed until after 9pm. This in turn, set my internal clock all off and I didn’t go to bed until well after midnight. I was then up for the next two hours coughing up a lung due to my allergies, and Aaron proceeded to get sick from his hiatal hernia. When the boys got up at 6:30 the next morning I was NOT ready for the day.

We didn’t do a whole lot Sunday, though we did make it to a birthday party and I think I may have gone to the gym, though I can’t remember. Sunday is a blur to me now. Monday morning I met Lori at the gym, and then we took the kids back to papa and nana’s and Aaron and I made good use out of the forgotten gift card from the holidays. We then perused Toys R Us for possible birthday gifts for Nolan (which at this point, he’s probably going to just get $$ in his account besides some small stuff from us) and then perused half price books. After we picked the boys up we stopped at Lori and Seth’s so Aaron could get his hair cut. (Lori does a MUCH better job than me… though I don’t do horribly, just not a great job.)

This morning started out brilliantly when I got an email from Nolan’s best friend’s mom. We haven’t seen him since we left our last day care, and Nolan talks about him all the time…and basically it was breaking my heart, so I had called the daycare about 2 weeks ago and asked them to put a note in the family’s box about setting up a play date. A.’s mom emailed me this morning and is not only excited to set up a play date, she invited us to A.’s bday party in 2 weeks, and never received our first note, I am so glad I called back! The bday party is the morning of the day we leave for Yakima, but I don’t care… we will likely just leave from the birthday party. I am so excited for Nolan to see his buddy again. 

No pics today, but probably tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Bunch of Weirdos

I love reading about other people's idiosyncracies... quirks... odd behaviors etc. So here are some little things about each person in my family...that I think are either weird, odd, or just different. (that I can think of)


1. I will not sit in the grass, nor will I walk on it barefoot. GROSS.GROSS.GROSS.
2. I drink a gallon or more of water a day.
3. I hate the smell of Vanilla.
4. I love the smell of Coconut and Peach.
5. I was more worried about the I.V. in my hand than the actual c-sections themselves.
6. I hate calling people on the phone who I don't talk to regularly.
7. I loathe, detest, and despise scented deodorant and laundry soap.
8. I prefer vegetables to fruit.
9. Chocolate is my drug of choice.
10.I hate disney movies. Except Cars... I like that one.


1. He wears contact lenses, and at night wears his glasses... but won't let anyone see him with his glasses on other than the kids and I.
2. Will not eat vegetables of any kind.
3. Likes the Orange Rockstar, but hates coffee.
4. Never used bleach before he met me.
5. Gets nervous when I start throwing old cords out. (we might need them someday.)
6. Has a deathly fear of spiders.
7. Almost gets physically ill when he has to touch the vegetables when he does dishes. Grosses him out.


1. Does not want to be the first for anything he's never done before. Is very cautious, and will join in once he sees someone else do it first.
2. Prefers Lima Beans to just about any other food ... well, except for chicken nuggets and french fries.
3. Doesn't care for ice cream that much.
4. Is DEATHLY afraid of anything in the bathtub water (piece of lint, shadows from bubbles, etc.)
5. Only eats the frosting layer off of donuts and cake. Also only eats the butter layer off rolls and garlic bread.
6. Will not eat teddy grahams, but likes graham crackers.
7. Doesn't like sandwiches.
8. Doesn't necessarily put stuff in his mouth, but continually licks his shirts or jammies when we first put them on him, and says "i lick it!"


1. Like his daddy, he doesn't do vegetables of any kind.
2. He also will not eat meat, unless I cleverly disguise it (shred it into rice/noodles)... won't even eat chicken nuggets.
3. Likes coffee.
4. Has never really been one to put stuff in his mouth, even as a baby.
5. Is just now starting to like to play with toys, has never shown much interest before.
6. His lovey "william" goes EVERYWHERE with us. He is NEVER without him, or he loses his mind.

Horizontal Crop

Vertical Crop
Same shot as above, just a different crop

Uncles are fun

The attitude makes an appearance
His bad attitude rears it's ugly head... this was taken right after he screamed "NO!" at me.


Jump shot
He's obsessed with jumping lately... Mama! I dump! I dump!

pop a squat

Lucas on the slide
Fearless baby

mid jump


mid air

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quiet Time

So, a few weeks ago, I gave Nolan the option of having 'quiet time' when he was having a hard time keeping himself in check and was super emotional. What I mean by quiet time, is that he can go sit in his crib, look at books and/or play with a few cars and have his binky. Binky is ONLY available at bedtime or naptime usually, but I figured, since he's in his bed, it's ok.

He asks for quiet time several times a day now. Aaron says that he will often ask to go have quiet time when they get home from daycare. He'll spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour in there. He has yet to fall asleep, but plays quietly, and we have begun placing his step stool next to his crib, and lowering the rail so he can climb in and out by himself.

I sometimes worry that he's in there too much, spending too much time by himself. But then, Aaron and I were talking and sometimes we just like to be alone, and since he has to share pretty much everything with his brother, maybe he likes that that is the one place he can go where Seth can't. I don't know... maybe he just likes it because he knows he can have his binky. It has helped with some of the chaos, and his behavior... if he's occupied in his crib with his toys, he isn't being overly aggressive with his brother or throwing handfuls of catfood down the hallway or in the water dish.

I like that it's not a negative thing... I don't want to associate his bed with punishment, and he seems to truly like his time in there. I am kind of proud that I thought of it, and am happy that it seems to be helping.


Look at me!

A push from dada

So happy to be on his bike

He did NOT want me to

He did NOT want me to

mad because I took away his william

squinty redcheeks

squinty redcheeks

He kept losing that shoe

Move brudda move

Funner to push than ride

Traffic Jam?