Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pray. Please Please Please Pray.

I know I've mentioned Ben here ... the little boy who is fighting neuroblastoma... his mom belonged to a mommy board I was on when Nolan was born. He is the same age as Nolan and for the past 8 months has been battling this horrific cancer... after everything he's gone through, the chemo, the radiation, etc. the cancerous cells are still in his bone marrow.

My heart just absolutely aches for this family and I have never even met them. Please pray. If you are not the praying type, then send good thoughts... I just can't even wrap my mind around what they are going through.

It's just not fair.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Puzzle tyme

I love this face

hanging out

little guy

puzzles mama!

and this one goes here...

Puzzle time

the beloved tag

Pouty face
Someone is clearly 'over' puzzle time. Poor Sethy kept getting frustrated.

Lashes part deux

my boy

watching intently

I love love love this pic.

what's up mom?

and then...

mr. flirty mcflirterson

loving his dada
He melts the ice around mama's cold heart

sethy and daddy

giving his dada loves
I could just bite those little dimples!

lip suckin' break

brudder, I don't like dis.

sucky face

dis stuff be hard

my little pretty boy

such concentration

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Picture post...

Because I'm reading New Moon... the second book of the twilight series. Started it this morning and am almost half way done.




Quality time with daddy

Their last day at daycare, Aaron took this when he picked them up. It cracks me up to see Nolan so happy and Seth losing his mind behind him ... he doesn't find it funny to not be picked up RIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE when daddy gets there.

I haven't posted these yet because they make my heart hurt.

This would be Seth's Teacher Sonja... she was also Nolan's first teacher ever. I can't say enough good things about this lady. She took excellent care of my babies and I loved chatting with her every day. *sigh* I miss her.

and here she is with Nolan.

And this is Sherron, yet again, another wonderful lady who also showed such love to my boys. If you ask Nolan who loves him he says "SHEWWON!" She had such an awesome positive attitude, and I loved chatting with her every day too.

I am sad that we didn't get any pictures of Nolan w/ the other teacher Miss Terrah. She started her day after I dropped the kids off, and for some reason Aaron missed her on this day. Nolan still picks up his Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See books and says "Tewwah's book!"

gah. what is it with toddlers... I am so sad that we couldn't get good shots ... the kids were totally uncooperative.

Nolan and Aidan with Miss Sherron

Nolan and Aidan giving each other a high five

bye buddy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

some old pics

This one just cracks me up

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In other news…

I am feeling very chatty right now, so I will seize the moment and get this out before I lose my momentum and let yet another entry fall by the wayside.

I have been working out on my lunch break at work, and I have to say, I’m loving it. I am struggling with the time constraints… I have an hour for lunch, so it gets tricky w/ the time it takes to get over into the gym and then changed and then work out, changed back (sometimes I can fit in a quick shower, but not always) and back to work on time. I tried changing here at the office right before I left and that helped a little bit. The next thing I have to tackle is the sweating. Ugh. I feel nasty and like I’m sweating all afternoon after the workout… no matter how many times I look in the mirror, I seem ok; but I feel grody. I assume eventually I will stop doing that.

Anyhoo, I am irked at my old teacher… I sent her a letter letting her know that I had an interview, and asking if I could use her as a reference. I then sent a follow up email to say ‘hey, actually, could you write me a letter of recommendation?’ and she sent me an email back saying she’d be more than happy to give me a glowing recommendation over the phone, and would love to be a reference. However, it’s her policy that she doesn’t write letters of recommendation. Ever. Um… I call b.s. I spent a YEAR in her class…. Learning a new trade/skill for a new career… who better to write me a letter? And part of her job is helping her students to secure positions in the career that SHE TRAINED THEM FOR. How is writing a letter of recommendation not part of that equation?

So I wrote her back and pled my case nicely… that was Monday. I still haven’t heard back from her. Tonight I will email a few of my former classmates who are still in the program and see if she has even been in class, and if she has, and if I haven’t heard from her by tomorrow afternoon, I will be firing off a letter to the dean. This is b.s.

In child news, Nolan has been acting kind of weird lately. I am not sure if it is due to the change in time that he gets up in the morning… he gets up around 5:30 am… though truth be told, I have yet to have to go in there and wake him up myself. He and Seth are usually up already. Early risers. Even on the weekends. Though the rule in this house, is if the day starts with the letter S you don’t get out of your bed until at LEAST 6:30 a.m. At least for now, while they are in cribs. God help us when they are in regular beds.

Anyhoo, back to my point, I am not sure if it’s due to that or maybe the change in daycares or what. He is doing well in daycare, has adapted quite well and never fusses at all. But lately, he is not happy in the morning at all. I am learning to cope with the incessant crying and the fits (like today)… he is moody and cranky and looks for something to be upset about. I stopped giving in and pretty much every day for him begins with a good morning and then w/in a few minutes he is reduced to tears/anger/total tantrum frustration. This morning it was even worse… complete with throwing of his waffle and milk and hitting me. So out the door he went from the bedroom while I got Seth ready, I kept my calm and I just said “sorry Nolan, you can come back in here when you have calmed down.” When he gets that way… it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make him happy. He screamed for a few minutes and then was ok.

The other weird thing he’s been doing is asking for his mimi (binky) randomly… he knows he only gets it at naptime and bedtime… and it’s been that way for over a year now. The weirdest thing of all is that he wants us to feed him. It started in the morning, he would insist that I hold his sippy cup for him while he lay on the changing table when he wanted a drink. That bled into occasionally holding his waffle for him while he took a bite. These are not things I even do for Seth, they both are more than capable of feeding themselves/drinking from their sippies.

Last night at dinner, he was a mess… just teary and cranky and done. I think he was over tired anyway, and super hungry probably. Anyhoo, he insisted on either Aaron or I spoon feeding him some of his dinner… not all of it, but some of it. Part of me doesn’t care, he obviously needs to feel like we are babying him… ok fine. The other part of me is irritated when time is running short and I don’t have time to do this… and then part of me worries a little bit, because he is intensely independent. Why all of a sudden the need to be babied?

I should note though, that after dinner when offered a piece of his easter chocolate, he was ADAMANT that he peel the foil from it. Just weird.

Here are some pics...

this is what I get when I tell him to smile or say cheese... we need to work on that obviously.



I call this his 'worried nerd' look. I love it

when I started my new full time schedule... with half days up in criminal still, and half days down in my new division - pc, I came in to find this waiting for me. The folks in pc left this on my desk... they are so nice. What a great way to start :)



devil boy knows he's not supposed to to be climbing the dining room chairs. He's hoping the 'adorable look of doom'(tm) will help distract the mama from removing him.

the notes that we get from daycare... I LOVE these... they tell me what they ate, how their mood was, if they poo'd or pee'd or had a rough time, how long they slept for nap... it is my missing link between when I drop them off and when I get home at night.