Wednesday, March 26, 2008


If I can make it through the next... mmmm.... 5 or 6 days without giving myself an ulcer, then I will consider it a success.

Tommorrow is my last day of school, and the boys' last day at their daycare. I am somewhat unemotional about leaving my class... I will definitely miss my classmates... but I have gotten terribly attached to the boys' teachers. *sigh* When Aaron and I picked them up this afternoon, Miss T. (one of Nolan's teachers) gave us a big art project that the class had worked on for Nolan... hand prints and foot prints with all of their names, and a small photo album filled with pictures of Nolan and his pals taken at various times in the past several months.

I totally bawled. All out freaking blubbering. I am tearing up as I write this now. GAH.

I tried to pull myself together before I went in to pick up Seth, and Miss S. saw right through me and I broke down again. These women are just wonderful... they have shown my kids love and care and are a true testament to their field. Their enthusiasm and infectious smiles and laughs always made starting my day a positive thing... and the boys love them too. We have been so incredibly spoiled, I don't think any center will come close to reaching the standard that they have set. Not that I am biased or anything. ;)

I guess I just know from personally working in the childcare industry oh so many moons ago... that not every teacher is going to love your child. Or even like your child. If they are good, you will never know it. But these ladies showed how much they love the kids, and it means the world to me.

I am going to be such a mess tommorrow morning. We are taking in a cake from Costco for the staff, and I bought some little angel trinkets for the teachers, as well as filled out cards for them.

After I drop the boys off, I will go take another final and get my stuff together so I can officially be 'done' with class. I am so looking forward to that.

We (Aaron and I) got off work early to take the boys up to the new daycare and show them around. Seth was content to be carried by daddy and didn't make a peep. Nolan on the other hand... well he suffered a massive FREAK OUT when we went in... first he was pissed because he wanted to play on the playground and we said no. Then when I was speaking with the assistant director, he freaked... trying to climb up me as I signed paperwork, clinging to me for dear life, doing the panicky cry. Then we went to the two rooms the boys will be in (I had already toured the facility last week, but Aaron hadn't seen it yet) and Nolan wanted to play with the cars in the pre-k room. He didn't take to kindly to being told no, and by the time we were leaving and asking questions about signing in and out, he was in full melt-down mode... a cross between a tantrum and sheer panic. It was awesome.

Way to make a first impression dude.

I so don't want him to be colored 'difficult' in the eyes of the staff there. Hopefully that won't be the case, but again, I remember all too vividly my daycare days and ... yowza. I would've definitely cast a judgemental opinion this afternoon.

Anyhoo... here is a picture of Nolan and his best friend Aidan. Or as he calls him "Aidan-buddy". It breaks my heart to split them up.

Nolan and Aidan-buddy
Best friends. Worst enemies. Partners in crime.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick like a bunny

Short update, because it's late and we have an early morning tommorrow.

*Enrolled boys in a new daycare today... further away than I wanted. The one I initially wanted was about 1.5 miles away, this is about 8.5 miles away... BUT... it's about 132 bucks cheaper per month, and it is family owned (but is a center- not a home daycare). The people were super nice, a friend recommended it to me (THANKS MISTY!) and they only take kids from age 1 to age 5. The walls were covered in artwork, the kids seemed happy and engaged and they have video cameras in all the rooms, and the owner said they are going to be able to go online soon so we can punch in a code and watch the classrooms live. How cool is that? I think Lori and Seth are going to put Lucas there as well, and eventually he and Seth will be in the same class... too cool!

All in all I think it will be a good choice for us. Yeah, I hate driving in the morning, but I won't have to drive into Seattle... and really, driving 16 miles a day is a lot different than driving 55 miles a day.

*I start working full time on 3/31... still in a temporary position, so that blows. Still working half the time in Criminal and half the time in Public... but as of next Thurs. I will be a real live certified legal assistant, so I can start applying for permanent positions as they come open. They just assigned me a new attorney last week, and he is new to the agency, so it's kind of nice to learn the ropes with him. My other attorney doesn't do much litigation, so it's been crazy already... I would say my workload has tripled easily. The hope is that they can justify getting me more hours up in Criminal... I would rather be up there anyway.

*I am going to get a membership to a gym in the next building I think. I asked to have an hour long lunch break, and if they grant that request, then I will go join, and start working out on my lunch hour. That will free up my evenings, which will make my life a lot better.

Here are some pics from Lucas' birthday party last weekend... Little mr. turned 1 on Wednesday!

Hammy Hammerson
I know it's blurry, but he was so cheeky in this shot I had to keep it. That boy loves him a birthday party.

Seth and the birthday boy

I want to PINCH him.

Nolan had so much fun playing with the other kids... he ran himself ragged, it was neat.

that's for me?!

what the heck?

such concentration

the little cake eater

he's very pinchable


I just love
Seth partook of the cake too


just hangin' out
He must've been really hungry... he loves him some crackers, but chips and pretzels... not so much. Not like his brother who would sell his soul for a bag of doritos.

mama and the birthday boy
Mama and the birthday boy

Hampum boy!
"Mama, Hampum Boy!" (Handsome boy) --he says that every time I comb his hair.

He was totally OVER opening presents, lol.

Lucky boy


my sweet cousins
My gorgeous cousins Cassie and Cori

Mr. warm-up
my current favorite outfit... and picture, I could just EAT HIM UP.

nolan and daddy

Happy Birthday Luke!

Birthday cake
Lori's awesome creation... I love the use of the chocolate sprinkles for dirt.

was there ever a sweeter round little head?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A day in the life...

I took these last week, but haven't had time to upload an entry. I technically don't have time now either, but I'm at school and I could be doing a plethora of things to finish up the quarter or I can waste time by doing this. I pick this.

I also have an entry brewing in my head about picking daycare, about the state of our lives right now, and how the kids are doing. But that will come later because I haven't thought it out enough yet and I don't have time to do it right now.

Anyhoodle, here are the pictures from my 'day in the life' ... They are more boring this time around (Last time we did it was August of 07) because I am w/o the kids for much of the day, and thus, most of my pics are kidless. But here goes...


my favorite coffee... I emailed the maker at to tell them how much I love their coffee and they sent me two free bags!

Me. So. Tired.

Time to get dressed and ready for my date with the Bosu ball and handweights

Ben waits patiently for lovins.

coffee is done! (I like it cold)

Working out while watching John and Kate Plus Eight... good God I look haggard.


All done and ready for a shower... note the 'wispy' hair on the sides of my head, it won't grow. That hair (and it continues along the bottom of my hairline all the way around the back of my head) grew in when I was pregnant with Seth. I can't put my hair up very easily because it always falls out on the sides. awesome.

Time to put my face on

Have I mentioned that I am a bit of a product junkie? this is just my collection of eyeshadow...

ready for work!

I never know what kind of mood the boys will be in when I get them up. Some mornings it's my two little sunshines and some mornings it's grumpy and whiney and then there are those mornings where I am ready to knock their heads together and be done with the whole shebang. So I go in armed with a peace offering, milk and cinnamon waffles. It helps more than you know.


awww, groggy babies

I like waffles!

Nolan is first to get changed and dressed

New Lightning Mcqueen socks!

It's hard to be 2 1/2 sometimes. (I have no idea why he was so upset here... cannot remember)

done crying (but still blotchy) and ready for school


Sethy got new socks too!

I guess it's hard to be 1 1/2 too.

Nolan's ready to go, but first we have to stop and get gas.

Sethy's ready too.

*sigh* this is going to hurt

are we done yet mom?


what I look like driving

Gotta love the traffic. Thank goodness for the carpool lane!

First stop at daycare is dropping Sethy off in his class.

Then Nolan goes to his class!

Where I park at school because I'm ganster like that. Ok, maybe not gangster, but lazy. Lazy and there is never any parking within a 10 minute walk so screw it.

Class started at 8:00... as usual I am running a bit behind. (Got a little chatty up at the daycare)

My neat and tidy workstation

too bad I'm actually goofing around at flickr instead.

Time to go to break, the class has emptied out.

my teacher, taken on the sly of course.

a few of my classmates

I leave at 11:30 for work, and here is that house I love again.

I don't like tunnels

a quick stop at Aaron's work to park and say hello

Well Hello!

It was a tad windy. Why I bother to do my hair sometimes I don't even know.

Murals on the busway... these bug me. Not sure why.

En route to work; my busride is a quick one, usually not more than 5-7 minutes.

underneath the city streets... the bus tunnel

the upper mezzanine

thank goodness for escalators

not where I work, but a way to get to where I work

first I gotta walk up this hill (doesn't look it, but it's kind of steep)

Inside the columbia center

excuse the blurriness, I was trying not to call attention to myself

another tunnel. This one connects from the columbia center to my work

my desk

my stash of non-perishables. I don't usually buy lunch, I like to keep stuff there so I don't spend money.

can you say shrine?

my collection of shoes under my desk

speaking of shoes, these are my new ones. LOVE. THEM.

and this is what I look like at work

view from the north side (I think)

time to go home!

took this on my way out, not too bad considering it's a reflection, no flash and I had to zoom in.

now to walk to catch my bus back







some guy on the bus

The lady next to me had a good book to read

on my way home

Sethy is happy to see me!

Nolan is reading his book


this is the reaction I get when I play peek a boo with him behind the fridge door

Daddy and Nolan are studying about Lightning Mcqueen

Asa is ready for dinner

mmm teriyaki chicken and rice!


Seth ate some and threw his plate off the table. So he was done.

but not happy about it

time for a quick bath

hey what's up there?

*no pics of nolan in the bath because he had a complete meltdown (as he does every night) and I forgot to take pics anyway.*

night night brother!

Nolan places his sticker on his chart for brushing his teeth

MAMA YOOK AT DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I will have to take video of this, he screams that every night after he puts his sticker on the chart)

Sethy is ready for bed

Nolan is ready for bed too

and now I get some quality time to myself to surf the web, do homework and balance the checkbook. (I skipped the gym this night)