Thursday, January 31, 2008


So that was awesome. I just broke down in tears when talking to my teacher about my frustrations and that I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. GAH. I hate crying... and more than that I hate crying in front of people.

Luckily she was very sympathetic and at least understands where I'm coming from and will work w/ me. However, I now feel bad for the bitchy note I turned in this morning about the 'free write' in the English portion of our class not being 'free' and how irritating it is to have to spend 5 minutes writing out paragraphs on boring subjects like 'business letters'. I had a really bad attitude this morning.


Back to class... I am hiding out at my computer until the blotchy - cry - face goes away. Good times.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A confession, A deal, and a gripe (or two)

Not necessarily in that order.

So I'm exercising. I'm taking phentermine... yes, under a doctor's care... and I think I am finally starting to see small ... VERY small changes. In the interest of honesty I should mention that I have been on phentermine since 11/15/07. I should also add that I was good about working out the first month. Then the holidays hit. (See also: addiction to chocolate and anything candy/cookie/cakey/fudgie/etc. and also: my inability to have just ONE MOTHERFUCKING cookie/candy/etc) I gained like 7 or 8 pounds over the damn holiday. I managed to lose it all by my next dr. appt on Jan. 18th though so we're square.

I have also been off sweets since Jan. 1st. I still have the occasional protein bar or granola bar, but no candy. No cookies. No birthday cake (though I may have a piece on my birthday in April, I haven't decided yet), nothing. My chocolate bran muffins don't count either because dude... sooo not a 'sweet'. It's a hell of a lot easier to say no to the stuff today than it was a few weeks ago... and I feel better too. I am hoping that combined with the phentermine and the exercise I should see some bigger improvements soon.

I tried on a few outfits tonight at Fred Meyer, despite the fact that I had decided before going in that I wasn't going to buy anything. I do need some pants and stuff, but I want to wait until I lose more weight. The positive side was that the stuff that I thought would fit was too big on me... so that's good right? However, having the boys messed my midsection up, so while most of the stuff was too big, the next size down was perfectly sized EXCEPT it was waaay too tight in the midsection. And the pants that fit the midsection were waaay too big in the leg. Motherfuck.

I have been wanting to get a new camera for a while... a point and shoot. My slr is too big and bulky to take everywhere and I dropped our old point and shoot in the cat's water dish. It is kaput. I was at Fred Meyers tonight and decided what the hell... turns out they had my dream camera on clearance! So I bought the camera, batteries and a charger as well as a 2gig sd card and still managed to spend about 40 bucks less than the camera alone would have cost me if it hadn't been on sale. SCORE!

And I am tired... so no real gripe tonight. Count my misfortune in body type as my gripe for now.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A few randoms

Just some shots from our old camera that I was playing with tonight.




same towel. Same boy. Man time flies.




I am making a card for the boys' daycare teachers for Valentine's day... I will also give them chocolates. Anyway, it'll be printed on 5x7 photo paper... thoughts? Suggestions? Rhyme too corny?


Saturday, January 26, 2008

My apologies...

If you happened to be in the Kent Red Robin tonight around 6:00 p.m. and were bothered by some family and their little heathens. I assure you, that was our last meal out for a long time.

Our trip to Red Robin tonight was not our best. Things went fine at first. We were seated, we ordered, we kept the boys busy... then the food came. Aaron and I were eager to try the new 'Garlic Parmesan Fries'... mine were fine, but his... well his were sitting in about an inch of oil from the fryer. NOT KIDDING. When we pointed this out to the waitress (who did NOT receive much of a tip) she said "huh. So do you want regular fries then?" I said "No, I am sure he wants the same kind of fries, just some that aren't sitting in a lake of oil" and I pointed to the basket. She said "yeah I see that." then she picked them up and left. Fast forward FIFTEEN minutes and we FINALLY get Aaron's fries back, and she brings regular ones. She says "They put the order up and it looked just like the old one so I brought you regular fries instead." ... uh gee thanks. Aaron at that point didn't care because the boys' behavior had deteriorated to the point that I actually spanked Nolan's ass right there in the restaurant.

Yes. I am that mother. BELIEVE me... it was not my finest parenting moment, but considering what I really wanted to do at that moment... well, he's lucky all he got was a swift swat on the tush. He was screaming... not in anger or anything just screaming to be a 2 year old. Every time we asked him to stop, he would do it louder and laugh. Then came the throwing of the stuff at the table. Not exactly throwing... sort of flailing his arms with the intention of making everything within arm's reach go flying.

Cue my blood pressure going through the roof. We told him to knock it off, he did it again. By this time, Aaron's 'regular' fries had just come to the table, and Seth and I were done eating. Nolan did it again, and laughed when reprimanded, Aaron held his arms down at his sides. He continued to laugh and scream and then yell in anger when he realized he was being held down. Aaron let his arms go and he flung his basket of food across the table toward Seth.

I was done. I had Aaron put him over next to me and I spanked his butt once and made him sit next to me and told him "DO.NOT.TOUCH.THE.TABLE.OR.I.WILL.SPANK.YOU.AGAIN." He just looked at me and smiled and said "Time out?" Luckily Aaron was done at that point so we packed up and left.

He continued his assholey behavior by refusing to hold my hand and dropped to the ground as if he were in combat in the parking lot. I picked him up and carried him to the car. When we were in the car he threw a hot wheel and it hit me in the back of the head.

I was so MOTHEREFFING done at that point I let Aaron handle it. When it gets to the point where I want to retaliate... well, I need to step back. And I'm just going to leave it at that.

But seriously. Age 2 is suck city. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become "that" mother who inappropriately disciplined their kids in public. *sigh* We don't even normally spank him, but NOTHING was working... I am so not planning a dinner out as a family again for a loooong time.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long time, no post

Man, things have been super busy as of late. We are all on the mend, the boys are still on antibiotics for the ear infections, but everything else seems to have improved GREATLY. Aaron still has some upper respiratory shizzle going on, and I still have the lingering cough... but no complaints.

Good news on the work front, I am now officially a part of the division I have been working in since I started. I was contracted under the 'general services' budget before, but worked up there the whole time. They were able to get funding for an actual position, and because it's still a 'part-time/temporary' position, I was able to slide right into it w/o worrying about interviewing. My hope is that this will parlay into a full time position w/in the division, but time will tell.

This also means that I got a raise because I am now not just a member of the office staff, I actually have a legal support position. I get a raise and a name plate for my desk! I am stoked! Seriously, it is so awesome to A. feel like I'm actually part of the division and B. feel like I'm doing a good enough job that they want to keep me up there. Very cool!

The kids are amazing me more and more every day. Nolan's memory is crazy. He found a picture from Christmas 2006 w/ him, Seth and Julia and brought it to me and before I could say ANYTHING he said "Joo-ya! Joo-ya!" This stunned me because A. He hasn't seen Julia in a long time, B. He has NEVER said her name before and C. It's not like we really talk about Julia unless we are going to be meeting up with them in the near future. He also keeps mentioning people we saw over the holidays. He keeps saying "Mike? Home? Sarah? Home?" He is talking about his godparents (Aaron's cousins)... they came over a few days after Christmas and man they left an impression on him! He brings them up about every other day, and sometimes when we talk about how Daddy is a good guy, he'll start naming off other people and invariably will say "Mike? Good guy?" and I'll say "yes, Mike is a good guy." Then he says "Sarah? Good Guy?" and I say "well, she's a good girl, but yes, she's good." It just amazes us because we only see Mike and Sarah once every few months at best, but he remembers.

He also keeps bringing up my cousin's husband Dwayne. They were over here on New Year's (though he's seen Dwayne a few other times recently as well) and since then he keeps saying "Wayne? Home?" Aaron's friend Willie was over a couple weeks ago and Nolan keeps asking about "unca wiwwi" cracks me up! Oh and lastly, he out of the blue started talking about uncle Matt... Matt hasn't been out to visit since... I don't even know... June of last year? Something like that. He keeps asking about him, if he's home, if he's at work...strange.

Seth is getting to be such a big boy. It almost breaks my heart. He is trying to use spoons and forks at meal times, and is cutting all four molars at the moment. He also has taken to throwing tantrums every now and then... usually when I won't pick him up. He's pretty easy going, so it is kind of funny to see him throw himself against the couch or on the floor and just cry.

I think that's about it for the goings on as of lately... my mind is mush right now... I took a muscle relaxer for my headache and my pillow is calling my name. Here are a bunch of pics ...

Not sure what Nolan was so excited about...

"No-an's Cars!"
He was telling me all about his 'herbie' and jeep.

mama and seth
Sicky boy Seth and mama

pretty much...
This is a perfect representation of how some days are around here.

Why I wear Makeup.
Well hello haggard. This is why I wear makeup... this is during the weekend of puke and ... other things. (also known as the weekend of 4 billion loads of laundry.)

sick puppy
Seth napping on the couch when he was sick

Banana eating fool
When they were sick they were resigned to the BRAT diet... Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast... luckily Seth loves him some bananas, so it wasn't too bad.

Sick day

sick Seth

poor babies

It's hard to be 2 and a half

rough stuff
And also, he has the meanest mommy EVER.

sweet boy


Nolan's latest art project ... this is so sweet, it was 'Transportation' week, and this was his attempt at a stop sign. I love it!

cue fluttering
These are from "All About Me" week... my favorites so far

mouth full of cookie.
cookie mouth

Slurpy Slurperson

ligh-nee queeee!
Nolan and "ligh-nee Queeeee!" (Lightning McQueen)

handsome boy
Man he looks grown up.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished....

So Karen watched the boys on Tuesday, Mom watched them on Wednesday... both are down and out with the stomach flu. I feel horrible!!! Aaron is slightly better, Seth is almost there and Nolan is out of the woods completely. They both have some gnarly upper respiratory stuff going on, but we are treating it and if it's still around by the end of next week, back to the doc we will go.

Oh and I've been coughing all evening. awesome.

In other news, I am a complete dork. I bought a coupon organizer today and was WAY too excited to go home and get it labeled and put my coupons in it. GEEK! I did save $6.75 at Winco tonight on groceries though. go me!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update From the V and P Ranch and some old pictures

So here at the Vomit and Pooh (and no, I don't mean the bear) Ranch, things are ... getting better and worse... Nolan is now officially well. At least from the stomach flu. He still has a very persistent cough-though it's ONLY when he's laying down at night or naptime. Still getting nebulizer treatments 4x a day (as is Seth "wheezy mcwheezerton").

Seth is faring better on the cough - it doesn't seem to bother him at night too much, but he is still battling the stomach bug. As Nolan would say, he has "daddy-reeyah" (Diarrhea, and no I didn't teach him to say it that way, he overheard Aaron and I talking about it and thinks that's how it's pronounced. Much to Aaron's chagrin.) Poor bubba hasn't really eaten all day... he ate yesterday, but not so much today. He is downing liquids like they are going out of style though, so I'm ok w/ the loss of appetite for now. If I don't see a change by tommorrow afternoon I am calling the doc again.

And now Aaron is sick. And when I say sick... I mean SICK. I married the only guy I think who NEVER complains or acts like a baby when he is sick. He rarely if ever gets sick, and even when it's a cold or the flu or whatever, he handles it like a champ. So when he actually acts sick and seems sick... I know that he is REALLY sick. And even then... he doesn't complain. He was all set to take Nolan back to the doctor this evening (for the cough) before I decided to wait another day. I get home and he is nauseated, has the chills, has a really sore throat and is out of it. My poor sweetie. I took over the kids when I got home and he took a shower and got in his jammies, and then I force fed him some Nyquil. I hope he gets better soon... and of course even more, I hope I don't get it!

Lastly, I just have to say "THANK GOD FOR FAMILY." For serious. I don't know how people do it otherwise... you'd have to have a nanny or something if you didn't have a back-up for daycare. The boys have been out all week, Aaron stayed home Monday (when we still were under the pipe dream impression that they'd be ready to go back on Tuesday) and then they've been at my mom and dad's the last two days and will be again tommorrow. Auntie Karen and papa watched them Tuesday and will watch them tommorrow and nana and papa watched them today. Seth crashed both days around 10 am and slept until almost 3. And of course, shit all over the clothes I sent him in, his extra clothes and one of my grandma's quilts.

I just want them well again.

Here are some old pics from November.



my favorite jammies...

Poor baby

I love the hands...

silly boy


I love these boys

what mom?!

Cheeky man

Monday, January 14, 2008


This is post #1001. Wow...almost 8 years of blogging and I finally hit 1000! Not that it was a goal or anything... I just think it's kind of cool.

I got to see seth for all of a half hour tonight, and Nolan for a tad longer. Working till 5 blows big time, but tommorrow will hopefully be better because I won't be busing it to and from.

Aaron took the boys to the doc today, they were pronounced viral and both have ear infections... Nolan has one in each ear. He braved that by himself--which really, is no small feat. Picture two kids, one who doesn't want to be put down and one who doesn't listen, yet is petrified of strangers. They know the doctor's office and don't take to the doc or the nurse kindly. I happened to call while they were there and I couldn't even hear Aaron, they were screaming so loud.

After that, upon my request, they dropped the prescriptions off at the pharmacy at Fred Meyer. (Aaron told me this story on the phone and I got a good laugh out of it...) On their way out, Nolan decided he didn't want to go and was being a typical two year old about it. Aaron was carrying Seth and noticed that he was smelling particularly ... ripe. After some investigating he saw that Seth's diaper had basically leaked and they both were sporting some nasty diarrhea on their coats, and Seths' was also on his clothes. It was pouring outside, so Aaron tried to put Nolan's hood on and of course, he was having none of it. As this was going on, a nice elderly woman happened to be walking by and offered to help. She attempted to help Nolan with his hood and he of course, being 2.5 and not being particularly fond of strangers... screamed in her face. Poor Aaron.

Nolan then decided to make a run for the doors and so Aaron had him stop and he grabbed Nolan's hand. This of course turned Nolan from an hornery 2 year old to a dead fish on the floor. He flopped down and wouldn't get up. The elderly woman tried to help again, and again, Nolan screamed in her face. Aaron apologized and managed to get Nolan up and get his pooh covered self and Seth's pooh covered self out to the car.

He is such a good daddy. He came home and washed the offending clothes, bathed seth, got the boys lunch and put them down for a nap. He gave them their breathing treatments when they got up this afternoon and then he picked me up from Fred Meyer (where I got off the bus) after I picked up the prescriptions. I came home to a nice clean house, and I so appreciate it. I so appreciate him. He not only pulls his weight around here, but he does more than that. I am very lucky.

Now. I have a question. Is there a class people take in Pharmacy school that teaches them how to be completely inefficient boobs? Is it called "Shitty Customer Service 101"? Seriously. I have had similar issues at EVERY pharmacy I've ever gone to. I will say that the majority of my transactions go smoothly. But there's that 15% though that go right in the shitter and I just don't get it. Aaron dropped the prescriptions off at noon. I go in at 6:10pm ... SIX FREAKIN' HOURS later, and they tell me "oh, we only had one bottle of the medicine, we will have to order the other." I just looked at her and then I said (and i NEVER speak up to people like this) "Why didn't you call me?" She just stared at me blankly. "Why?" I said, "you have my number, you have my husband's number. WHY DID YOU NOT CALL ME?" She turned around, went to the back and the four of them (two pharmacists, a tech and the cashier) huddled together. The tech eventually came up and tried to talk to me, they are overnighting the medicine and blah blah blah. Then the cherry on top of THIS sundae... they didn't even have the medicine ready. I had to wait another ten minutes before it was ready to go.

Seriously... Incompetence 105? There must be a class.
So that was NOT awesome.

I got up last night at 11pm to give Nolan a breathing treatment because he was not responding to the Delsym. (He has no runny nose, just a cough)... the breathing treatment did nothing for him. Other than wake his little ass up, so he was up till well after midnight. I finally fell back asleep and at 2 am heard Nolan calling "mommy, dop it mimi." (mommy, I dropped my mimi(binky)) So I went in, got him settled, put my hand in Seth's crib to feel his forhead and met a very wet and sticky substance. He'd puked, and was lying in it. So on went the light, I got Aaron up to help, stripped sethy down, bathed him and Aaron remade his bed (after I wiped it down w/ some clorox bleach wipes)... got him dressed and back in bed. His fever seemed to have broken and he was pleasant if not sort of chuckling when I was playing with him. So who knows, maybe he just needed to vomit.

Needless to say, my plans of being at the gym at 5am this mroning were shot down. I have a headache and am so tired... I am so thankful I had planned to take the bus today. I really don't think I could deal with traffic right now.

Oh and I got to clean up 2 piles of cat vomit when I woke up this morning. SO NOT AWESOME.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Nolan seems to be feeling a bit better, still no appetite (man, can I get this virus?! I would take a no-appetite stomach virus any day over that bron chitis crap they passed to me over Christmas!) and Seth is plain pathetic... just laying on whoever will hold him... not making a peep, still running a low fever and drinking lots and lots of fluids.

I am out of laundry soap... on Friday I had enough so that I probably wouldn't need any until my next payday on the 25th. And we do a LOT of laundry around here. I have about one load's worth left.

Aaron is taking tommorrow off, I am in training all week at work; full time, and I do not want to miss it if at all possible. My poor bubbas. I will post pics later, am on my way to the gym and then to Target for some laundry soap.

Hope you all are having an ok weekend!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 2

So no puking so far (it's almost 8pm) from Nolan. Seth puked a little bit, nothing major. Both have the runs, Neither have much of an appetite (Nolan has not eaten anything really today ... maybe a bit of yogurt and some cheerios and a bite of banana, Seth ate breakfast and a bit of lunch but nothing since) and Seth now has a fever. Nolan is acting a bit more like himself... Seth... not so much.

I have done about 7 loads of laundry today, and 6 of those involved either vomit or poop.

Overall it really hasn't been that bad, I am definitely counting my blessings, as it could be much worse. I am hoping that they start feeling back to 100% tommorrow. We shall see.

Oh, and Seth woke up with his little face covered in hives... check this out:



Truth be told, I am not positive it's hives, however... his cheeks completely cleared up within about 2 hours. And he had some hives w/ welts (the red patches on his cheeks had no welts) in random other places all over his body.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally, I have an excuse to wear crocs...

Yes, I own crocs. Shut it. They are blue, and comfy and I usually only wear them when I need to run outside or to the store and don't feel like wearing real shoes. Tonight they have served a much greater purpose. They are keeping the vomit off my socks.

Nolan has puked at least twice... Aaron said the first incident came in 3 seperate waves, a minute or two apart. The second one came in 2 shorter waves... poor buddy. Aaron is on his way home right now after going to my mom's to get her carpet cleaner. Breaks my heart when they are sick, he curled up on my lap tonight and just laid with his head on my chest. I said "Do you want to go to bed buddy?" and he just nodded.

I really REALLY hope this is a quick virus/illness... I have training next week for work that I cannot miss. Plus it'll be a full time paycheck (I only get halftime right now) so he needs to GET OVER THIS QUICK!

Here are some old pics...

Playing together nicely


No hat!


so happy

twirling his invisible mustache
twirling his invisible moustache


would've been better...

I could pinch him