Monday, November 19, 2007

Hot Wheels...

Our home has been overcome by hot wheels. I am probably more to blame than Aaron, as it's now a compulsion... any time I am in a store I check their stock to see if there are any we don't have. Nolan and Seth enjoy them so much, (especially Nolan)... and Aaron and I get a kick out of the different kinds.

It makes me smile to find the hotwheels all over the house. To see how Seth prefers the green cars and to see how attached Nolan gets to them. Last week it was the tow trucks, he was obsessed... to say the least. This week it's his new fire truck... he has about 6 of them, but this is one w/ a ladder still attached to it ... he has to have it in his hand constantly. He was looking for it and saying "fie tuck... fie tuck... whey awe you?" Seth has also decided to be partial to it, so I bought another one today.

hotwheels 12
This is the magic hotwheel drawer... if Nolan knew this drawer existed he'd probably shit his pants. This drawer is reserved for stocking stuffers and special occasions as well as when potty training starts.

hotwheels 11
this is most of the stuff that they play with on a daily basis, minus the few that are scattered throughout the house and the several at my mom's.

hotwheels 10
I see the hotwheel fairy has visited my shoe

hotwheels 9
Nolan likes to line them up on stuff, this fan is a favorite place

hotwheels 8

hotwheels 7
they like to hide under the couch too

hotwheels 6

hotwheels 5

hotwheels 4

hotwheels 3

hotwheels 2

hotwheels 1

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