Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Card Rejects

I have been hard at work trying to come up w/ a Christmas card design I like... here are the ones that did not make the cut...

Christmas Card Reject
The first draft... I wanted a different saying for it

Christmas Card Reject
I love this card the best, but Aaron doesn't particularly like the colors, he wanted red and green and he pointed out that it was very busy and hard to read

Christmas Card Reject
So I muted the colors a bit and redid the snowflakes, but he still was partial to red and green colors, so back to the drawing board I went...

Christmas Card Reject
This was Lori's favorite, but I think the lights are much too big

Christmas Card Reject
something was still not right to me with this one

Christmas Card Reject
This looked good to me on the screen, but when I printed it out, it was very bare looking and I didn't like it.

I *think* I might have one that will work, of course, I need to print it out and see how it looks on paper first.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hot Wheels...

Our home has been overcome by hot wheels. I am probably more to blame than Aaron, as it's now a compulsion... any time I am in a store I check their stock to see if there are any we don't have. Nolan and Seth enjoy them so much, (especially Nolan)... and Aaron and I get a kick out of the different kinds.

It makes me smile to find the hotwheels all over the house. To see how Seth prefers the green cars and to see how attached Nolan gets to them. Last week it was the tow trucks, he was obsessed... to say the least. This week it's his new fire truck... he has about 6 of them, but this is one w/ a ladder still attached to it ... he has to have it in his hand constantly. He was looking for it and saying "fie tuck... fie tuck... whey awe you?" Seth has also decided to be partial to it, so I bought another one today.

hotwheels 12
This is the magic hotwheel drawer... if Nolan knew this drawer existed he'd probably shit his pants. This drawer is reserved for stocking stuffers and special occasions as well as when potty training starts.

hotwheels 11
this is most of the stuff that they play with on a daily basis, minus the few that are scattered throughout the house and the several at my mom's.

hotwheels 10
I see the hotwheel fairy has visited my shoe

hotwheels 9
Nolan likes to line them up on stuff, this fan is a favorite place

hotwheels 8

hotwheels 7
they like to hide under the couch too

hotwheels 6

hotwheels 5

hotwheels 4

hotwheels 3

hotwheels 2

hotwheels 1

Sunday, November 18, 2007


This is the daughter of my girlfriend Jennifer, her name is Serenity and she is 6 mos old and so sweet. I could squeeze those cheeks all day long! I took her 6 month shots for Jen... a favor to each other, for me, I need the practice and for her it was a nice way to do it in her home and for free!

but before that, go look at seth taking some big steps!!!!

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Santa Baby

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Serenity Ryan 6 mos

Friday, November 16, 2007

Home again

Haven't been in to school all week and am missing another day of work. *sigh* Nolan is running a fever of 103+ now. What the hell, I just want to get these boys well for once!

I have a cold from hell too; so not enjoying that. So at least I'll get caught up on my laundry and housework, we needed a quiet weekend at home again I guess, lol.

He's part Terrier you know



Pooh Ears
putting on the pooh ears

*sigh* he looks

my boys

Thursday, November 15, 2007


we are all on the mend, thank goodness. Here are a few pics from a bday party in October... not feeling so wordy today.

Luke and Cousin Dawn

finger lickin' good

Gorgeous Cam

so yummy
Brandon gets to the good stuff


mmm, cake!

cassie and cori

world's cutest cousins

Lori and Aaron feel the love

Monday, November 12, 2007

Nerd Parties and sick kids.

So, the kids are sick. Again. It's freakin' AWESOME. Stomach flu - rotavirus like thing. *sigh* skip down a paragraph if you don't want the gory details...

They both have had diahrrea since Friday, including nasty diaper rash. Nolan vomited sometime Saturday night, and mother of the year that I am, I didn't hear him (HOW I don't know.. I must've been exhausted as I wasn't feeling well either) and when I went in to get him Sunday morning, he had caked vomit on his jammies/hair etc. And caked on diahrrea on the inside of his jammies... it had pooled in one of the feet of his jammies, all over his chest, under his armpit... I can't even wrap my mind around how the heck he managed that.

Add to all of that that my poor little Sethy has been averaging a temp of 103+ for the past 48 hours, and has been lethargic and listless and cranky... Neither child is eating much and today started coughing so off to the doc we went. He pronounced it a virus, and recommended lots of fluids and rest and motrin and tylenol for the little guy. He upped the dosage of motrin for seth (I had been giving him infants dosing)and apparently that made a huge difference, as he fed himself for the first time in 3 days. (cold milk and cheerios) He seriously has done nothing but lay on me, the couch, the floor or aaron, or in his crib. He wouldn't play or anything, even when we had the fever under control, so here's hoping tommorrow brings my little happy man back.

Oh, and when we tried to weigh Nolan, he FREAKED... it was shades of Ben and the bath (Kitty cat Ben... when you hold him and walk by a sink he clings to your neck and buries his face in your neck) Nolan did the same thing, except also cried "ove you! ove you!" Other than that he did great. For some reason though when I told him we were going to go see Dr. Dong, he kept saying "docker No-an" (dr. nolan) and we would correct him and he'd still say it, too funny.

I came down w/ the stomach virus yesterday and omg, thank you LORD that Aaron was home and not sick... I don't know what I would've done... I was totally incapable of getting off the couch for most of the day and ended up sleeping until about 4pm... once I got up then I felt almost 100% better.

Here are sethy and I yesterday looking PATHETIC... (cell phone pics)



And friday night, before I got this head cold (oh yeah, head cold + stomach issues = so much fun.) we had a nerd party. How do you have a nerd party you ask?

Put two nerds directly in front of the big screen and the xbox...

nerd party 2
note that they both have headsets on... they are in touching distance, but still need their headsets to communicate, heh. Lori and I made fun of them, and then off we went...

nerd party 1
To go hang out in the bedroom and surf the net on the laptops and watch 'Say Yes to the Dress'... heh, nerd parties are fun! (I was a bad host though and fell asleep around 11 pm... in my defense I was not feeling so good, but still, it was fun.)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Down a Pint

I saved three lives today. How? I shoved three little old ladies out of the way of an oncoming metro bus this morning.

not. I am not that heroic. I donated blood... which may not sound like a huge feat, but for someone who has fainted over getting a flu shot, and who dwelled during BOTH pregnancies about the I.V. and Catheter more than anything else... this was a big deal.

The blood bank was on campus today, and because I've been following the story of Ben, I decided it was time to conquer a fear and do something, anything... and hopefully I will have helped someone.

Anyhoo, so yes, I am a pint low today... but proud of myself. And yes, I will be donating again. Although, not for at least 56 days.

ps. did I tell you that my sweet hubby left me roses, candy and a coffee on my seat the day of our anniversary? He sure is a keeper. That was seriously the highlight of my day.

pps. My sister got us the coolest present for our anniversary, I'll post more about it later, but trust me... we were blown away, what a neat idea!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3 years down...

and infinity to go :) Happy anniversary to us! Three years ago today I married the guy of my dreams, and what a busy 3 years we have had!

If you want a walk down memory lane, here are some wedding pics: Bride and Groom

Monday, November 05, 2007


I am feeling the need to purge. Not my stomach, my home. I am so tired of clutter and crap and wall to wall miscellany that I could seriously scream. Friday night after dwelling on the fact that we had absolutely no room in our bedroom for our stuff and no room in our dresser for our clothes we went to Ikea and spent too much money (it's a good thing that I am working now)on some new furniture. Granted, we are selling the bedroom set we had (I am hoping to get at least 300 bucks for it, it's an oak 5 piece set, and that money will go back into the credit card towards the new set we bought). The new set has full size dressers. One for each of us. With deep drawers. I am so in love with them I could lick them.

Aaron spent the day yesterday putting everything together, minus one dresser, which he will hopefully put together tonight. I put my clothes in my new dresser and I have so much space still I can't even believe it, must buy more clothes!

So we threw out a bunch of stuff and are trying to declutter the house... I will likely go through the boys' toys in the next few weeks and purge some of the stuff they don't play with anymore and pass them on down to Luke.

Anyhoo, it was a nice low key weekend, we went out for our anniversary (red lobster and a movie) and spent some time w/ my parents.

Anyhoo, I have to get to work, I've been in class 10 minutes and done NOTHING.

mama and luke

books are fun

Lori and Luke

Thanks for helping!