Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Bubelah

My baby is one year old today. He started his first day of daycare today... I'd like to say he was weeping with joy, but sheer terror is a better way to put it. *sigh* I might add that Nolan's been having kind of a rough time adjusting to daycare, and when we dropped seth off in nolan's old class nolan put his henry in his old cubby and was ready to go. Poor buddy, he loves Miss Sonja and that made me feel somewhat guilty that he's in a 'big boy' class now... BUT, when we did leave (seth was sobbing) nolan went into his class and didn't cry for the FIRST TIME since he started back! woohoo!!!!

so yeah... Happy birthday to my little bubber, I cannot believe it's been a year already.

brand spankin' new

first family picture





Seth reading


Penguin Onesie

grinny guy


balloon baby

Mistaken for a girl in this sleeper...

similar to the other, but I used an action on it

7 months 2

another favorite

mr scrunchy face

gimme that camera


so happy in the tub



his favorite new trick

11 month shot attempt


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