Tuesday, September 11, 2007

4 days....

Counting today, I only have four days left of my vacation (not counting the weekend)... it's back to school on Monday. Nolan will go back to daycare, he is moving up to the next class... they start potty training in that class! Not right away, but when he shows interest... woohoo!!!!! Seth will start at daycare on September 25th, his birthday. I stopped in at the daycare yesterday because to say I am FREAKING OUT about putting him in there is the understatement of the year. He will be in Nolan's old class, and his teacher Sonja totally put my mind at ease. I knew he'd be in good hands, but it was awesome to hear it straight from the source. I am still worried, but not as freaked.

anyhoo, how about some brags... Nolan is consistently recognizing a few numbers and letters, and this morning correctly pointed out yellow, pink and purple. He seriously amazes me... Sethy is finally feeding himself regular food, I think we can *finally* stop buying baby food!!!

these were taken at the kent cornucopia days fair

two year olds are AWESOME.
I like to call this one "two year olds are AWESOME."


Sweaty man

pretty boy

He loooves to help push his brother

and these just crack me up

for a while he could only go backwards and kept finding himself stuck under stuff

Perhaps one of you fuckers could

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