Thursday, August 30, 2007

Video thursday

I took the videos down because they were freezing my page and it was bugging me... so until dropshots cleans it's act up, I can't post many videos at once... that said, if you would like to view any of my videos you can go here: my dropshots page and there are all the videos there that I've ever posted.

anyhoo, I also changed the mast up top; I've been learning some new tricks with photoshop lately and this is one of my 'beginner' projects.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A day in the life... Friday, August 24, 2007

there are a BUTTLOAD of pics ...

Rise and freakin' Shine
rise and shine!

morning sunshine
Aaron's been up for about a half hour and is enjoying a bowl of cereal and surfing the net. Good morning sunshine!

sustenance. It's just starting to perk here, and I make it STRONG.

Asa helps Aaron with his shoe laces
Asa insists on helping Aaron tie his shoes, it's easier with cat saliva you know.

Leaving for work, Have a good day at work!

Ye olde squinty eyes
Ye olde squinty eyes. It's about 6:30a.m. here and I first heard the boys around 5:45... but it was still dark, so he was super squinty... very pinchable.

Morning! (or as nolan would say 'MO-WING'
MORNING! or as Nolan would say "MOW-WING"

Good morning bubba!
mama's little sunshine

as soon as he sees me he starts saying 'Mick, mick' and doing the sign for milk. So I usually come prepared with a sippy of milk.

not happy
I am trying to get him used to drinking out of a sippy... and I knew he was super hungry, so I was going to play hardball and not offer a bottle. And he was PISSED.

Still pissed about the sippy 10 minutes later.

which one to play with...
Nolan's first order of business was to promptly dump all of the hotwheels out... which to choose, which to choose

not a morning person, lol
still mad... and yes, I finally caved and gave him a damn bottle. *sigh*

playing together nicely for all of 2 minutes.

Line up
He likes to line them up and inspect them, lol... daddy taught him that one... they make parking lots a lot.

he loves the vacuum cleaner
Seth loves the vacuum, he makes his way over to it at least 3 times a day.

Nolan watches as Seth does his morning yoga
future yogi? Nolan watches as seth does his morning yoga.

rice krispies! yum!
Nolan enjoying his rice krispies and a capri-sun... he won't drink juice typically (which is fine, we don't offer it normally anyway) but I think the cool package it comes in is what entices him.

He just started drinking Juice last week... he never liked it before


arrowroot biscuits are the biz-omb
Garcon, I will start with one arrowroot biscuit s'il vous plait.

mmmm... oatmeal and prunes!

he loves the oatmeal too
my happy little chub

juice... ew.
not thrilled with the sippy of pear juice and water though.

nolan waiting for me to clean up his cereal mess
Nolan surveys his mess before I vacuum it up (just some wayward rice krispies that fell on the floor.)

cleanup time
Now it's time for mama to clean up the living room

seth being distracted by toys
It's about 7:30am here, and I plied Sethy with toys in the high chair ...

window gazing
and locked nolan in my room w/ me while I took a shower in the adjacent bathroom

he loves the windows
He loves looking out the windows

not thrilled
I went out to check on Seth (after my quick shower) and he was none too pleased to have been left all by his lonesome.

so fresh and so clean clean
so fresh and so clean clean!

*right after this, seth went down for a nap, but I don't have pics because he was so cranky I had to put him down kind of fast and change a dirty diaper.*

he looooves the deck
It's about 8:15 here, nolan enjoys some playtime out on the deck.

playing on the deck

watching sesame street
sesame street break

getting ready
I was bored so I decided it was a good time to trim nolan's hair

so nice and short!

doesn't want to be on the table anymore
he was pretty much done... kept saying "all done? all done?"

He is not so sure about me putting gel in his hair
I took him in the bathroom to style it, I left more hair at the front and didn't trim it at all so I could try styling it in a faux-hawk. He was nervous to be on the counter, and wasn't keen on the gel in his hair.

what a good helper he is
all was better once he could help me with my makeup... lol He was so proud to help me.

helping mama beautify

munchin on a graham cracker
around 9:45 we woke seth up and left to go run errands

it's bright
"um, it's kind of bright back here".

seth at the post office
Sethy at the post office

waiting so patiently at the post office
Nolan waited so patiently while we were in the post office.

Sethy at the post office

mama in the car
now you know what I look like when I'm driving!

A quick stop at the grocery store for fixins for a bbq tommorrow.

Nolan is such a good helper
He loves to push seth in the cart

his lipsucking self
that little lipsuckin' kid

avoiding getting into his carseat again
that's the face I get when I ask him to do something and he has zero intention of doing it w/o a fight. Such as "get in your seat please." (I only said it 40 times before he finally got in the car.)

and onto our next destination

tired of the car
getting tired of the car

MECCA. Though wtf is UP w/ Babies R' Us not having the shoes in the right size that I need EVER?

get your motor runnin'
I'd love to know the mileage that this puppy has gotten thus far... it has come in so handy.

patiently waiting to go into BRU.
they did so good in Babies R us... so patient.

waiting to go into BRU.
ready to go home!

home and Nolan is ready for LUNCH!

PERHAPS you could put down the camera and get me out of this car seat?

snackin on some cheese while I get lunch together

ooh, what's that?

mmm pepperoni
mmmm cheetos

funny guy
His newest trick


his favorite new trick

He loves lunchtime

um... there's a cheeto hanging out of your mouth dude
we don't feed the baby cheetos. It just looks like it.

so funny

he loves lunchtime

pepperoni face

mouth full of cheetos
he totally does NOT have a mouthfull of cheeto goodness.

mmm lunch!

mmm... first cheeto experience

night night
nigh night nolan! Naptime!

free to play!
look seth! a whole living room full of toys for you to play with w/o getting screamed at or having them yanked out of your hand!!!

he's got some typing to do

no nap!
but I don't wanna nap! (he naps in our room in the pack in play because naptime in this house is SACRED and I don't want to disturb Nolan or have Nolan disturb seth when he gets up)

well, if you insist

aaahhh naptime, time for mama to catch up on her 90210.

and of course...

the cats got a 2.5 hour sigh of relief. Nolan's latest hobby is chasing them all over the house. Sometimes I have to put up the gates just to give them a break.


Guess who is up from his nap? 2.5 hours, not too shabby!


having a 'nak'... or snack as the rest of the world calls it. parmesan goldfish and leftover juice from breakfast.


more than the actual flavor of the juice, I think he just really digs the packaging and that it has a straw. He played with that straw putting it in the package and out for like 10 minutes.


there's my cheeky grinny boy

what the picture doesn't convey is me using my mean voice saying "ah. ah. ah. NO TOUCH." He knows better, but that dishwasher is like a MAGNET. And because he doesn't always have access to the kitchen, it makes it that much more fascinating.

my fat face and my handsome boy

waiting to greet Daddy at the top of the stairs

awww they are so happy to see each other

not sure what they were talking about here

Nolan was wanting the forbidden cars on that tall shelf and daddy was saying No. Note the artwork wall, that's the wall where his toybox and picnic table sit, so I began posting his daycare artwork up there... some of that stuff kills me it's so sweet.

He was telling daddy a big ol' story... I have video, I'll post it later on

It's only fun until daddy gets hurt.

guess who's up from his nap?

awww brothers

mid afternoon snack... note the trident wrapper under his leg... those are the bane of Aaron's existence... I chew a pack a day and there are usually a few wayward wrappers along the way.

preparing dinner... fajitas for me, quesadilla for Aaron

I also baked a cake for a bbq tommorrow (and got two loaves of garlic bread made, but I didn't take pictures of that)



refried bean smile

after dinner I quickly evened out the parts of nolan's haircut that I noticed were off, and decided to trim sethy's hair... I only trimmed the very back and behind the ears, it was actually kind of long (though sparse) and everyone commented on it, and called him 'frank barone' (the grandpa on Everybody Loves Raymond)... so I decided while I had the clippers out to remedy it.

all better

now it's time to clean up the dinner mess while daddy bathes the babies. He used to do the dishes, but I got so burnt out on bath time when he was on nights, I gladly do the dishes instead of supervising bath time.

a sudsy mohawk and soap flavored water... Nolan's idea of heaven.



after the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean, I usually vacuum the living room and when the babies are done with their bath we have a bit of quiet time.

quiet time is a wiggles episode in a clean livingroom. lol, sometimes they get toys out, but it still stays cleaner than it was.



Last bottle before bed

Helping him brush his teeth... this child actually likes it and giggles usually

Nolan on the other hand... hates it with the fire of a thousand suns. He has to be restrained... it's not that awesome.




ahhh... he survived, though he is none too pleased.

and NOW you want to change my DIAPER? WHEN WILL THIS TORTURE END????

Nigh Night Seth

Nigh Night Nolan

Then I'm off to the gym

and on the way home I picked up some ice cream for Aaron and some weight watchers cones for me.

that's our day!