Sunday, July 08, 2007

Time to Breathe

Man, time is just FLYING by... sometimes I seriously don't feel like there is time to even breathe. The boys are doing well, Aaron had the 4th off, and then took Thursday and Friday off, it has been SO nice having him home and being a team where the boys are concerned. I truly hate hate hate that he has been working nights, but for now it is working out just fine. Ugh.

I took Nolan to get his 2 Year portraits done this afternoon and homeboy was NOT having it. He got very anxious and nervous up on the table they sat him on, kept reaching for me saying "up, up?" and when I'd try to distract him he'd pull out the manners... "up? pease? up up? pease?" so we tricked him into smiling once and that was the pic we went with. screw it. It's not worth it to make him sit there and bawl. And the girl was not exactly up on trying to get a toddler to smile... she was using tricks I use on Seth... stuff Nolan is hip to by now, lol.

Matt came in from Creston over the weekend, it was good to see him. Bobby will be here next month from Sweden, and Matt will be coming back out here then, and we'll all go out and do something... we're so boring now, he came over to the house and we just hung out, he and Aaron played video games and I futzed around the house getting some much needed housework done. I hope we didn't bore him :)

I have two dental appointments this week. I broke a tooth last week, so they will be putting a temporary crown on it, and then I have an endodontic appt for the FOURTH fucking time to do my root canal... IF they can get the damn tooth numb. The past three times have not gone well because they just couldn't get me numb enough... sucks ASS.

Other than that, not too much is going on. Tune in later on and I'll have new pics posted.

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