Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Far So Good

Operation Anti-Binky (in the daylight hours) is going great! The first day was hard... to say the least, but he's been just fine since then. I'm expecting this weekend to maybe be kind of hard, but that's ok... I'm really glad we started on a Monday. I'm thinking about taking away the binky completely around Christmas time... we'll see though, we will need to reassess then.

And for the momentous news of the day... Aaron goes back to day shift on Monday!!!! I'm ecstatic because um, hello?! I've been bitching about his schedule for the past SIX mother-effing months. We'll be a family again! I won't have to weather the evenings alone! I won't have to get up before the sun to exercise... woot!

of course there is a downside ... you knew there would be. The only thing I'm worried about is that his pay will go back down to where it was... we've gotten used to having a bit more elbow room, and it makes me nervous to lose it. But that's ok... before you know it (next march) I'll be graduating and looking for a job. We can do this.

Of course, this means I am going to have to go back to making dinner again... hmmm. I make nolan's dinner every night, but heating up chicken or sausage or making scrambled eggs really isn't much. So I just made a list of ideas and will create a menu... I'm kind of excited about the opportunity to start cooking again. I've been eating mainly salads for dinner... probably still will.

Anyhoo, Seth is 10 months old today. :( My baby is not such a baby anymore... he's so close to crawling, it's almost painful to watch. He moves about a centimeter at a time and even that's at a snails pace... all the while grunting and reaching and trying so hard to reach whatever it is he is after. It is seriously almost painful to see. He is rocking on all fours and goes backwards pretty good... and one way or the other he gets around the living room, so I'm assuming any day now he'll be mobile. Nolan better watch out!

I was trying to get a decent shot of them together

but it wasn't working

the boy loved his mimi (binky)

I kind of want to bite him. In a good way.

Gimme that!

um, in case I didn't make it clear, I'm really upset guys. Like really. See my eyebrows? That means worried. And my teeth? I only show my teeth when I'm upset.

ok, maybe I show them when I'm happy too.

mmm, fudgecicle goooooooooood.

this was his first fudgecicle ever... he's not a fan of ice cream usually, so I was pretty shocked when he wanted a bite, and then proceeded to hijack mine.

the lukester (or lukestah as I say) chillin.

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