Thursday, July 12, 2007


So I had a root canal appt last night... for those of you playing the home game it was appt #3 and they were STILL not able to finish it because though the entire left side of my face was numb and I was unable to speak because my tongue was a lifeless lump of muscley flesh lolling about in my mouth... my tooth was still too sensitive for him to get down in there. *sigh*

So this morning my mouth is sore as hell from all the injections and I had a different dental appt because I broke a tooth last week... ANYHOO, I took half a xanax to calm myself before the appt... and they CRANKED up the nitrous (I love my dentist) and they weren't able to finish the appt either because lo and motherfucking behold I need a root canal in THAT tooth too.

This is a shitty year for my teeth. *sigh* anyhoo, I came back to school... my appt was at 8, it is now 1pm and I am *STILL* numb... I was also so completely out of it from the xanax that I had to leave the classroom for a bit and crash in my car. I took the other half of the xanax at nolan's birthday party when I was having an actual anxiety attack...and didn't feel like this. I was starting to get worried, wondering how I am supposed to drive myself and Nolan over to Lori's to pick up Seth when I felt so snockered I couldn't even remember if I had called my sister this morning or dreamt it... (I checked my phone log, I did indeed call her). ugh. I made my way up to safeway (a few blocks away) picked up a grande iced americano and some sushi and am feeling much more awake.

So yeah. Next dental appt is this coming wednesday. I wonder if I should cut my klonopin into fourths.

also, today is a lovely 65 degrees, after yesterday's 97 degrees. I am not complaining btw... I was actually kind of shocked when I stepped out of the dentists office last night.... at 6:40pm it was like being inside of an oven. I do NOT know how you people in desert climates do it. ugh.

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