Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Malaki!

Aaron and I became a Great Uncle and a Great Aunt today! Our niece Brittney (Aaron's brother Dan's daughter) had a big healthy (week overdue) baby boy!

Malaki Tevon Lee D. was born at 4:08 today and weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and was 20" long. We went down to Tacoma to visit them and meet Malaki this afternoon.

Here are some pics (and if you haven't seen the videos of seth crawling below, don't forget to watch those too!)

mama and baby

before he was a good uncle, now he's a GREAT uncle!

sweet baby face

he's got very soft light brown w/ what looked like blonde streaks (though you can't really tell here) hair... *sigh* I love baby hair

proud grandpa/papa Dan

smooches from papa

the view from her room, not too shabby!

the bridge

At 10 mos and 6 days of age we are crawling!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Far So Good

Operation Anti-Binky (in the daylight hours) is going great! The first day was hard... to say the least, but he's been just fine since then. I'm expecting this weekend to maybe be kind of hard, but that's ok... I'm really glad we started on a Monday. I'm thinking about taking away the binky completely around Christmas time... we'll see though, we will need to reassess then.

And for the momentous news of the day... Aaron goes back to day shift on Monday!!!! I'm ecstatic because um, hello?! I've been bitching about his schedule for the past SIX mother-effing months. We'll be a family again! I won't have to weather the evenings alone! I won't have to get up before the sun to exercise... woot!

of course there is a downside ... you knew there would be. The only thing I'm worried about is that his pay will go back down to where it was... we've gotten used to having a bit more elbow room, and it makes me nervous to lose it. But that's ok... before you know it (next march) I'll be graduating and looking for a job. We can do this.

Of course, this means I am going to have to go back to making dinner again... hmmm. I make nolan's dinner every night, but heating up chicken or sausage or making scrambled eggs really isn't much. So I just made a list of ideas and will create a menu... I'm kind of excited about the opportunity to start cooking again. I've been eating mainly salads for dinner... probably still will.

Anyhoo, Seth is 10 months old today. :( My baby is not such a baby anymore... he's so close to crawling, it's almost painful to watch. He moves about a centimeter at a time and even that's at a snails pace... all the while grunting and reaching and trying so hard to reach whatever it is he is after. It is seriously almost painful to see. He is rocking on all fours and goes backwards pretty good... and one way or the other he gets around the living room, so I'm assuming any day now he'll be mobile. Nolan better watch out!

I was trying to get a decent shot of them together

but it wasn't working

the boy loved his mimi (binky)

I kind of want to bite him. In a good way.

Gimme that!

um, in case I didn't make it clear, I'm really upset guys. Like really. See my eyebrows? That means worried. And my teeth? I only show my teeth when I'm upset.

ok, maybe I show them when I'm happy too.

mmm, fudgecicle goooooooooood.

this was his first fudgecicle ever... he's not a fan of ice cream usually, so I was pretty shocked when he wanted a bite, and then proceeded to hijack mine.

the lukester (or lukestah as I say) chillin.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I have been nursing a headache for the last 2-3 days... it's come and gone, and has consistently been here since yesterday afternoon. I cannot seem to get rid of it. *sigh*

also, today is day one of weaning Nolan from the binky during the daylight hours. Not only does my head ache but then he was crying and saying "fowwy fowwy" (sorry) in hopes to get it back. How do you explain to a 2 year old that they didn't do anything wrong, he doesn't have to apologize... but the binky is just ruining your bite?

He did ok in the car, cried a little bit, but his wiggles cd helped distract him.

it's going to be a long week.

now I'm off to take more advil.

Friday, July 20, 2007

So sad.

When I was trying to get pregnant the first time, I joined an online message board. At the end of my pregnancy, when the due dates buddy group I was a part of closed, we branched off and a few girls formed a board just for our group. Anyway, I have come to think of many of these girls as not just friends, but confidants and family... for better or for worse.

Yesterday, one of them experienced a tragedy that I cannot even wrap my mind around. Her five year old niece Hannah drowned... it's something that can happen to anyone at anytime, and it has sent waves through our little community... I have never met this child or her mother or her aunt... and yet I have spent the last 24 hours praying for them, asking others to say prayers for them... and I cannot get them out of my mind.


If you have a moment, please send a prayer or a good thought their way. Hannah's mom has a blog, I keep bringing her site up hoping that it was all a mistake.

anyway, I just wanted to share that, this family could use all the support they can get.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


So yeah. The endo was able to drill out my tooth in the back that was causing me such pain... left it open and prescribed me some cephalexin. I am happy to report that I am feeling MUCH better, and have an appt to go back on August 1st to see if we can knock out the rest of that root canal.

At my appt last night they completed a root canal on a different tooth... which was thrilling let me tell you. I need to get into my regular doc to see about getting a crown done, because one side of the tooth is ground down to the gum... I have a nub of a tooth in my mouth. Luckily, it's the inside part of the tooth that basically disintegrated, it looks normal on the outside. That would be CLASSAY.

They did mention general anasthesia to me yesterday, but it's like $1500 bucks out of pocket. I just do not have that lying around and I'm not that keen on it anyway. They did say they'd talk to my insurance company, but seeing as how they only cover $1k in dental costs per year... and I have two crowns and two root canals in the bag for this year... I'm basically maxed out. So for now, we are just going to continue to try and treat it and wait and see. Eventually they should be able to complete the root canal.

Though last night I was ready to yank the fucker out myself. I woke up at 2:30a.m. in an INSANE amount of pain from that tooth... my mouth in general was sore, but that tooth... I couldn't even sit still. Let alone go back to sleep. So I got up and took 4 advil and a vicodin for good measure and proceeded to clean the junk drawer in the kitchen and the bread box (which seems to accumulate more shit in it than anywhere else in the house). An hour later I was getting that lovely woozy feeling and went back to bed. When I got up this morning I was already late for school and decided "eh, screw it." and stayed home.

I have been productive though, cleaned the boys' closet, reorganized a bunch of stuff, did some laundry and did 3 miles on the treadmill. So it hasn't been a total loss. I also plan to clean the bathroom when the boys are in the bath later.

anyhoo, that's all the rambling I'll do for now, how about some pics...

Sethy has an ear fetish


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Videos.

I hate my hair. I really do. Pregnancy changed it's texture, it's thick and unruly and there is this icky wave shit going on underneath the top layers... and when I was pregnant w/ seth, a new 'row' of hair started growing around the edge of my hairline and has since stopped growing. So I have about 2-3 inches of hair ... looks FUNKY and DUMB and have I mentioned that I hate it? I cannot find a product to make my hair soft and manageable and am ready to shave my head. I shit you not. But bald bridesmaids aren't cute. Granted, I won't be a bridesmaid for a year or so, but I don't think the growout from a shaved head would be cute either.

I hate hate hate micromanaging. My teacher right now micro manages... this is where my hatred for authority comes into play BIG time. I am thirty years old... I have turned all of my work in and am AHEAD of schedule and yet she still wants to make sure I am not online checking my email or *gasp* playing a game on Yahoo games. Seriously, if I choose to use my class time to fuck off and get off task... then I AM THE ONE who it will hurt. Maybe you should save your energy and get off my damn back about it, GAH. Let's not forget that I am paying to be here, and in essence paying to use my classroom lab time to play motherfucking text twist if I so desire.

I am so tired of being in pain... my tooth is KILLING ME. As I sit here, I am getting random jolts of what feels like electricity even though I am not doing anything to provoke it. Advil, Tylenol... hell even Vicodin, NOTHING works. At this point I almost just want to yank the fucker out and be done with it. *sigh* I have an appt this afternoon... not that they'll be able to do much, they haven't been able to thus far.


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Sethy eating Rice(!) and Nolan saying "muffin" as well as a few other words

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Nolan telling daddy his armpit hair is ca-ca. heh.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


So I had a root canal appt last night... for those of you playing the home game it was appt #3 and they were STILL not able to finish it because though the entire left side of my face was numb and I was unable to speak because my tongue was a lifeless lump of muscley flesh lolling about in my mouth... my tooth was still too sensitive for him to get down in there. *sigh*

So this morning my mouth is sore as hell from all the injections and I had a different dental appt because I broke a tooth last week... ANYHOO, I took half a xanax to calm myself before the appt... and they CRANKED up the nitrous (I love my dentist) and they weren't able to finish the appt either because lo and motherfucking behold I need a root canal in THAT tooth too.

This is a shitty year for my teeth. *sigh* anyhoo, I came back to school... my appt was at 8, it is now 1pm and I am *STILL* numb... I was also so completely out of it from the xanax that I had to leave the classroom for a bit and crash in my car. I took the other half of the xanax at nolan's birthday party when I was having an actual anxiety attack...and didn't feel like this. I was starting to get worried, wondering how I am supposed to drive myself and Nolan over to Lori's to pick up Seth when I felt so snockered I couldn't even remember if I had called my sister this morning or dreamt it... (I checked my phone log, I did indeed call her). ugh. I made my way up to safeway (a few blocks away) picked up a grande iced americano and some sushi and am feeling much more awake.

So yeah. Next dental appt is this coming wednesday. I wonder if I should cut my klonopin into fourths.

also, today is a lovely 65 degrees, after yesterday's 97 degrees. I am not complaining btw... I was actually kind of shocked when I stepped out of the dentists office last night.... at 6:40pm it was like being inside of an oven. I do NOT know how you people in desert climates do it. ugh.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's too effing hot.

so here are some old pics of the three nekkid boys in the tub.

someone didn't appreciate having water dumped on him by his over zealous brother...

the over zealous brother after his cup was taken away

over zealotry makes you tired

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Time to Breathe

Man, time is just FLYING by... sometimes I seriously don't feel like there is time to even breathe. The boys are doing well, Aaron had the 4th off, and then took Thursday and Friday off, it has been SO nice having him home and being a team where the boys are concerned. I truly hate hate hate that he has been working nights, but for now it is working out just fine. Ugh.

I took Nolan to get his 2 Year portraits done this afternoon and homeboy was NOT having it. He got very anxious and nervous up on the table they sat him on, kept reaching for me saying "up, up?" and when I'd try to distract him he'd pull out the manners... "up? pease? up up? pease?" so we tricked him into smiling once and that was the pic we went with. screw it. It's not worth it to make him sit there and bawl. And the girl was not exactly up on trying to get a toddler to smile... she was using tricks I use on Seth... stuff Nolan is hip to by now, lol.

Matt came in from Creston over the weekend, it was good to see him. Bobby will be here next month from Sweden, and Matt will be coming back out here then, and we'll all go out and do something... we're so boring now, he came over to the house and we just hung out, he and Aaron played video games and I futzed around the house getting some much needed housework done. I hope we didn't bore him :)

I have two dental appointments this week. I broke a tooth last week, so they will be putting a temporary crown on it, and then I have an endodontic appt for the FOURTH fucking time to do my root canal... IF they can get the damn tooth numb. The past three times have not gone well because they just couldn't get me numb enough... sucks ASS.

Other than that, not too much is going on. Tune in later on and I'll have new pics posted.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bday pics...

Just a few from Nolan's birthday...

we went with cupcakes this year, much easier and less garbage and cleanup

parents of the year that we are, he had nothing but chips and cupcakes that evening. *sigh* he doesn't like easy food like hamburgers and hotdogs (we had a bbq at the party)... and I spaced bringing him anything special, so chips and cupcakes it was. Oh well, you only turn 2 once right?

seth entertained himself

and many more....

mmmm cupcake

suckin' his lip, what he does best

showing off his scrunchyface

I was playing peekaboo with him while he was sitting in his tent, the smiles that resulted were awesome

My current favorite picture of Nolan... by far

my current favorite pic of seth... I love his little lipsuckin' face here. And that's 'william' that he's holding.

Eating at his picnic table that nana and papa got for him

he wanted to watch the wiggles from inside his tent on his "towch".