Monday, May 14, 2007


I'd like to know how I've been lucky enough to get a nasty stomach virus on Mother's day... on my first two Mother's days. I got one last year that hit in the middle of the day and I got one Yesterday that hit in the late afternoon.

I should've prefaced that with saying that in the first month of Nolan being in daycare, he and seth had: bronchiolitis, a nasty cold and nolan also was blessed with a stomach virus that left him projectile vomiting and shitting water. Sorry to be so blunt, but at this point... I just want to drive home the point that we have been through the ringer.

Anyhoo, he has been fighting the cold for about a week and a half, and got the stomach virus on Wednesday... we kept him home thursday and friday. He was doing much better on Saturday and Sunday was back to his old self except for this awful cough. Aaron on the other hand came down with the stomach virus saturday night and didn't get out of bed most of Sunday. I was fine until about 3pm on Sunday... felt like I ate too much is all. I left my parent's house at 5pm and was in bad shape then.

by the time I got home I was weak, I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open and my tummy hurt soooo bad. Luckily Aaron was starting to feel a bit better, so picked up my slack so I could lay down. I will say when I finally threw up I felt better, but even now, 24 hours later (or so) I just feel shaky and weak.

Other than that I had a very lovely mother's day, It only could've been better if Aaron had been able to join us at my mom's for brunch and stuff, and if I would'nt have gotten sick at all. We decided that for mother's and father's day we would just let the other person go spend 25 bucks on whatever they wanted. So I bought a couple of Jodi picoult books. My mom got me one of her books too... I am so hooked on her books right now it's going to be really sad when I read them all and don't have a supply of books waiting for me.

Anyway, Aaron also surprised me by framing 4 pictures of the boys for me, two of them together and one of each of them alone, In a large picture frame that holds them all. I'd post a picture, but I so don't feel like doing much of anything right now.

In fact as I sit here and write this, the boys are playing on the floor and watching the wiggles. 28 minutes until bedtime. Not that I am counting or anything.

Is it wrong that I actually like a lot of the wiggles songs? They are singing a song right now about taking the boat out on the ocean waves, it's very lullabyish... I love the song rockabye your bear too. *sigh*

here are some pics of the boys that I've been meaning to post...

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