Monday, May 21, 2007


This afternoon, I have done the following:

picked up nolan from daycare
picked up seth from my sister's
went to fred meyers and picked up my prescription and some milk (and a much needed leash backpack for nolan, which is another post entirely)
came home and unloaded the car (school stuff, boys, groceries)
changed 4 diapers (2 of which were super poops)
balanced checkbook
paid the bills
put away 2 loads of laundry
did an additional load (which I will put away tommorrow)
emptied the dishwasher
reloaded it
made dinner
fed nolan
bathed nolan
fed seth
updated my workout calendar
vacuumed the dinner mess
made muffins
made my lunch for tommorrow
refilled my water bottles for tommorrow
got school stuff together for tommorrow
packed stuff for seth to take to Lori's
shredded the bills and stuff w/ our name on it
emptied the shredder
vacuumed up the shredded paper that nolan threw around the room to make it snow
cleaned the living room after hurricane nolan went to bed
and now I am about to clean the kitchen and go to bed.

I have to be up in 9 hours to go to the gym and I want to get some reading in.

My workout calendar...

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