Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pics as promised

and an update, I have a root canal scheduled for 9am tommorrow. ugh. But at least the pain will be gone.

boss! de plane! de plane!


Seriously... worse toothache ever. 5 ibuprofen (1000 milligrams total) and 2 vicoden barely touched it. I am calling the endodontist this morning to see if they can get me in sooner than June 13. I seriously don't think I can take much more.

In other news I have lots of pictures to post... I suck, sorry... I'll have to do it tonight as I am updating this bitch from school right now.

anyhoo, check back tommorrow or late tonight for pics.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I give up. It's after midnight, my tooth is fucking killing me, and sitting here listening to seth cough and wheeze (in his sleep) over the monitor is killing me. Seriously.

Monday, May 21, 2007


This afternoon, I have done the following:

picked up nolan from daycare
picked up seth from my sister's
went to fred meyers and picked up my prescription and some milk (and a much needed leash backpack for nolan, which is another post entirely)
came home and unloaded the car (school stuff, boys, groceries)
changed 4 diapers (2 of which were super poops)
balanced checkbook
paid the bills
put away 2 loads of laundry
did an additional load (which I will put away tommorrow)
emptied the dishwasher
reloaded it
made dinner
fed nolan
bathed nolan
fed seth
updated my workout calendar
vacuumed the dinner mess
made muffins
made my lunch for tommorrow
refilled my water bottles for tommorrow
got school stuff together for tommorrow
packed stuff for seth to take to Lori's
shredded the bills and stuff w/ our name on it
emptied the shredder
vacuumed up the shredded paper that nolan threw around the room to make it snow
cleaned the living room after hurricane nolan went to bed
and now I am about to clean the kitchen and go to bed.

I have to be up in 9 hours to go to the gym and I want to get some reading in.

My workout calendar...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

quick update

so the nebulizer treatments for nolan are working MARVELOUSLY... no coughing AT ALL last night!

also, he was the recipient of his first home haircut by mama today. Not too bad, next time though I want the top to be a bit longer.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I'd like to know how I've been lucky enough to get a nasty stomach virus on Mother's day... on my first two Mother's days. I got one last year that hit in the middle of the day and I got one Yesterday that hit in the late afternoon.

I should've prefaced that with saying that in the first month of Nolan being in daycare, he and seth had: bronchiolitis, a nasty cold and nolan also was blessed with a stomach virus that left him projectile vomiting and shitting water. Sorry to be so blunt, but at this point... I just want to drive home the point that we have been through the ringer.

Anyhoo, he has been fighting the cold for about a week and a half, and got the stomach virus on Wednesday... we kept him home thursday and friday. He was doing much better on Saturday and Sunday was back to his old self except for this awful cough. Aaron on the other hand came down with the stomach virus saturday night and didn't get out of bed most of Sunday. I was fine until about 3pm on Sunday... felt like I ate too much is all. I left my parent's house at 5pm and was in bad shape then.

by the time I got home I was weak, I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open and my tummy hurt soooo bad. Luckily Aaron was starting to feel a bit better, so picked up my slack so I could lay down. I will say when I finally threw up I felt better, but even now, 24 hours later (or so) I just feel shaky and weak.

Other than that I had a very lovely mother's day, It only could've been better if Aaron had been able to join us at my mom's for brunch and stuff, and if I would'nt have gotten sick at all. We decided that for mother's and father's day we would just let the other person go spend 25 bucks on whatever they wanted. So I bought a couple of Jodi picoult books. My mom got me one of her books too... I am so hooked on her books right now it's going to be really sad when I read them all and don't have a supply of books waiting for me.

Anyway, Aaron also surprised me by framing 4 pictures of the boys for me, two of them together and one of each of them alone, In a large picture frame that holds them all. I'd post a picture, but I so don't feel like doing much of anything right now.

In fact as I sit here and write this, the boys are playing on the floor and watching the wiggles. 28 minutes until bedtime. Not that I am counting or anything.

Is it wrong that I actually like a lot of the wiggles songs? They are singing a song right now about taking the boat out on the ocean waves, it's very lullabyish... I love the song rockabye your bear too. *sigh*

here are some pics of the boys that I've been meaning to post...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pics of the Boys

From Today...

Nolan laying on his couch

He laid there watching toystory for a good 20 minutes... he NEVER watches anything that's not the wiggles or teletubbies. That's how I knew he didn't feel good... that and the child ate NOTHING all day long. Poor bubs. After he got up from the couch, he would wander the living room, stop and lay down on something and then come back and watch more of the movie.

guess who learned how to hold his own bottle?

don'tcha wanna bite him?

An Update

So let's see... the boys are sick. AGAIN. Last week they got over bronchiolitis, this week it seems to be some kind of nasty cold. Nolan's nose has been fucking disgusting... and now it seems that there is an added bonus of a stomach bug mixed in. Saturday night and Tuesday night he threw up in the middle of the night... and then his teacher noticed that he just wasn't himself yesterday. We stopped at Fred Meyers for a few necessities and he was so good in the store, downright agreeable and obedient. So of course he got a parting gift of a new hot wheel. I used to chastise Aaron for buying so many (truth be told we have an entire dresser drawer full of unopened hotwheels for him... we want to use them as bribes for potty training when the day comes.) but now it seems I can't stop buying him a new hotwheels anytime we are at the store. Oh well, it's better than candy and at least it's only a buck.

Anyhoo, we get home and are walking towards the stairs... I was carrying Seth in his carrier and my backpack... and nolan starts whining. I asked him what the matter was and he then bursts into tears. We are at the foot of our stairs at that point and I say "do you want up?" he sort of reaches for me and I leaned down and right as I go to pick him up he barfs. Projectile ... all over me. *sigh* at least I held myself together... but he was FREAKED out. I scooped him up and got him upstairs and cleaned up and then cleaned myself up and proceeded to bring seth and the groceries in from the porch and then hosed down the sidewalk.

I am happy to report that he didn't throw up last night though and seemed better this morning, we'll see. He is staying home today though... we'll see if he can make it back to school tommorrow.

On the Sethy front, we have TEETH! He was so dang crabby on Tuesday night, and I had noticed last weekend that you could see the teeth below the surface of the gums, but when I felt around in his mouth they hadn't broken through. They still hadn't on Tuesday night, but he was just SCREAMING and didn't want to eat...well I felt in there yesterday and low and behold... they broke through. Two bottom front teeth. My little man... I am going to miss those gummy smiles.

The boys are now officially sharing their bedroom... they are doing really well in there, it would be nice if they let us sleep past 6 am on the weekends though. They sleep longer on the weekdays of course... wtf is that about.

As for me, I'm doing well... been trying to get up at 4:30am and make it to the gym when they open at 5, so I can get a good hour of cardio in before I have to get ready for school. My goal is to go everyday, but yesterday I just couldn't drag my lazy ass out of bed and today I did make it... and after 15 minutes on the treadmill I was so ready to give up...but something made me hold it together and I fought for it and did 60 minutes. I do feel better now... but man it was a real fight to keep going.

I have literally tried everything I could think of since November to lose weight. I had every intention of meeting my first goal by my birthday in April... which I failed... I have come to the realization that I could live on nothing but water and celery and dammit to hell I would still barely lose anything unless I excercised. I've done weight watchers, I've done atkins, I've counted calories... kept them under 1500, 1400, 1300, 1200... and then decided screw it, I've done slim fast and now I am back to weight watchers.

I decided that my whole philosophy on losing weight to begin with after having the boys was that I wanted to do it the healthy way. Well cutting my calories that much really didn't do anything but make me feel like shit. And I know in my heart of hearts that I am not going to see the scale drop like it did before when I lost the weight... as I am doing it in a much healthier way... I think my metabolism took a beating when I did that and now I have to fix it. So I am accepting that my clothes from my prekid days may not fit this summer. And that I may lose only a very little bit a week or even a month... but I need to be healthy. I cannot afford to make myself sick like I did last time, and I just need to push myself to exercise and hang in there and at some point soemthing will give and I will start to look and feel better.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

anyhoo, no pics today... I am updating at school, and don't have any pictures here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I put both boys down for the night a little bit ago. In the SAME room. They've yet to spend the night in the same room... wish us luck!

Man my freakin' teeth have been KILLING me the past few days. I need to just bite the bullet (no pun intended) and go to the dentist. But it's a pain in my ass. Or rather, my mouth. *sigh* I just kind of wonder if it's even a tooth issue because I can feel my body fighting off this cold/virus thing that the boys had... hence why sethy is in his bedroom with his brother tonight... last night I couldn't stop coughing and it was touch and go a few times w/ me waking him up. anyhoo... the last time I felt sick like this, my glands were the reason for the tooth ache... and again, it's the entire left side of my mouth so i wonder if that's the case this time.

The kids are doing better, seth's wheezing finally stopped though we are continuing the nebulizer treatments for a few days just to be sure. Nolan is doing great at daycare, not crying anymore when we get there or anything. The child absolutely astounds me on a daily basis with the stuff he does. He's recently figured out that he should say please when he wants something... this is especially heartbreaking when he is asking for something he can't have (because yes, I'm a wuss). Take this morning when he was getting ready to leave with me for school and he wanted his binky. We don't give him the binky after he gets up... as he can't really have it at daycare (they give it at naptime if he asks for it)... anyhoo, I said no and he tried to reach into the pocket of my sweatshirt (smart boy, he knows where it usually is) and I said "no honey, now let's go to school." He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "peeeez". *sigh* Man did I feel like an asshole. But on the upside he got a granola bar instead, so he was happy.

Man, I can feel the nyquil working... good thing it's only 7:20... I am hoping to get up nice and early again to go workout (didn't happen this morning.)

this is from my birthday on the 11th... I just love the look of anticipation and giddiness of nolan in the background... he LOVES it when we sing happy birthday.

Mr. Mohawk

he has the meanest parents ever you know

taken while we sang another round of happy birthday

Hillary the cutest dog ever... she lives up in Stanwood with Aaron's Grandma and Aunt and Uncle.

mr. tuff guy