Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Long time no see...

so let's see... after a bout w/ a chest cold in the beginning to middle of february, I came down w/ the other crud that's been going around on Saturday. Sunday I wanted to curl up into a ball and die. Monday was marginally better and today I couldn't breathe through my nose... at all... yet there was so much sinus pressure that it set off a sort of suction cup feeling in the back of my nose every time I swallowed. fucking AWESOME.

I picked up some vick's nasal spray and though it says 12 hours on it... that shit clocked in for a teeny tiny bit of relief for all of 2 hours. Whatevs. I also tried mucinex for the first time w/ this cold and it works ok... didn't do shit for me today, but it did the first few days.

The boys are sick too. Seth coughs and coughs and coughs and then he coughs some more. I am treating him w/ some robitussin and steam... and nolan has the cold as bad as me... I think he is starting to feel better, he doesn't seem so pathetic and whiny as he has in the past few days. None of us have run a fever but damn if we aren't the sweatiest three people you'll ever meet these past few days. I got nolan up this afternoon from his nap and his hair was as wet as it is before I towel him off out of the bath. yummy. Wanna come over for a visit?

Speaking of Nolan, he has decided that me blowing (honking) my nose is now scary... so between him and seth, every time I blow my damn nose (about once every 10 minutes at the very least) I have to smile like a wierdo and show them that it's ok. *sigh* I have a headache from all the nose blowing and coughing. Nolan has also been mimicking the nose blowing again, if we ask him to blow his nose he holds a kleenex up to his face, makes the noise w/ his mouth, then crumples the kleenex into a ball and throws it on the floor. The first time I saw him do it I said to Aaron: "yeah... that's about right." lol.

anyhoo, here are some old pictures... from the beginning of February.

Aaron and Sethy

My dad and Seth

Ashley had a hair raising good time.

me and sethy


He loved the balloons

my handsome little peapod

little stud muffin

so happy

mama's boy

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