Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is Good

I got to spend a few hours w/o my kiddos at the hospital this morning... it was wonderful to sit with Lori and Lucas and just chill. She had him dressed in a sleeper that was given to me last summer at my diaper shower... it came in a pack of three and they were 'just born' sized... for infants up to 8lbs I think. I loved putting seth in them because they really showed off how little he was... but check out the difference... lucas is on the left, seth was about 4 days old on the right...what a difference a few inches and about 3lbs makes!

probably my favorite picture from today... he is so dang cute and even when he cries he is just adorable... I will try to get video of his little voice it is the sweetest thing.

this is my other favorite from today... I could seriously bite him he's so cute.

So I got to spend some time up there on my own... and Aaron met us up there around lunch time w/ the boys... AND I come home to a clean house and kitchen. Seriously... life is good.

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