Friday, March 09, 2007

ho hum

So I know that I am starting to feel better... I've got the sinuses that won't clear, but other than that I feel a hell of a lot better than I felt even yesterday. Nolan and Seth are about the same... maybe a tad better. We ventured out of the house for the first time all week tonight to do some birthday shopping for my dad. I even managed to pick up part of a mother's day gift for my mom when i saw something I couldn't resist. I think tommorrow will find us at the supermall... I have been wanting to go down there for a while now.

So for my own record keeping purposes (feel free to skip this) Nolan now can do the animal sounds for: Kittycat(he sort of whines like a meow), bunny (sniffing), doggie, duck(cack cack), birdie (teet teet), chicken (bock bock), froggie (rrrrrrrr), tiger (roooooooaaaaar - complete w/ paws up). he makes the sound for a train (choo choo), and has started saying the word phone and he calls Ben 'B' and Asa 'Sa'.

Oh man, my sister is about 5 weeks away from her due date and I absolutely cannot WAIT to see that baby. I am also about to start school around that time, and mr. nolan will be experiencing his first time in daycare. I am really excited for him, it's on campus and is naeyc accredited... I think he will have a blast there. Seth isn't old enough (they only take 1year & walking) so Lori has graciously offered to take care of him in the mean time... I just don't want to overwhelm her... I want to give her lots of time to bond w/ her baby before she has to take care of mine. So I am trying to figure that out, and of course this is all if the financial aid stars area aligned and smiling down on me... we'll see.

other than that, not much else is going on... here are some pics.

his angel face

porkchops and applesauce

the beast has been awakened

daddy and seth

finger lickin good

Miss Julia

the seths

having a heart to heart

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