Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I could single handedly solve the healthcare crisis in America.

Seriously. I came up with the answer today while I was stuck in traffic. Of course I haven't got all the kinks worked out, but here is the general idea...

1. Make every medical position a federal position. No more private doctors or insurance companies. Federally fund everything and anything medically related that is necessary.

2. By necessary I mean that if someone wants elective surgery done or whatever, then those costs are paid out of pocket. Plastic surgeries, elective surgeries etc. Drug rehab and psychologists would need to be paid out of pocket unless a doctor specifically refers the patient.

3. legalize prostitution, & marijuana and tax the shit out of it. Put those taxes toward the costs of federally maintaining healthcare. (I realize more $$ will be needed but that's one part of the plan I haven't necessarily figured out.)

I mean, to me it makes sense... Putting medical personnel to work as federal employees... and not charging the citizens of this country... It should be a gov't job to take care of this nation's people.

anyway, Seth's 6 month check up was today... 18lbs 13 1/2 oz and 26 1/4" long. Head circumference 18 cm. When I looked in Nolan's baby book, it said he was 18lbs 5.5oz and 26.5" long and head circumference was also 18cm.

So everyone who keeps commenting on how big seth's head is must not remember that nolan went through a big noggin phase. My boys have big brains, that's all.

no pics today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh yeah... I have a blog.

Time seems to have gotten away from me. Again. So to make up for it, how about a shit load of old and new pictures?

mmkay then.

Also, all is well here... the kids are sick AGAIN. WTF. This particular disease seems to cause absolutely fucking disgusting runny noses. I've wiped enough snot today to sink a damn battleship. When I'm not wiping snot I'm washing my hands in scalding hot water up to the elbows and downing vitamins and airborne like its going out of style.

anyhoo... pictures...

this first set was going to go in an entry titled "And how was your day?" but I never got around to uploading it.

Seth at 5 mos:

Lori and I at her shower at the end of February

I could seriously bite him

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is Good

I got to spend a few hours w/o my kiddos at the hospital this morning... it was wonderful to sit with Lori and Lucas and just chill. She had him dressed in a sleeper that was given to me last summer at my diaper shower... it came in a pack of three and they were 'just born' sized... for infants up to 8lbs I think. I loved putting seth in them because they really showed off how little he was... but check out the difference... lucas is on the left, seth was about 4 days old on the right...what a difference a few inches and about 3lbs makes!

probably my favorite picture from today... he is so dang cute and even when he cries he is just adorable... I will try to get video of his little voice it is the sweetest thing.

this is my other favorite from today... I could seriously bite him he's so cute.

So I got to spend some time up there on my own... and Aaron met us up there around lunch time w/ the boys... AND I come home to a clean house and kitchen. Seriously... life is good.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My sister is my hero.

It's kinda funny, because lori always wrote 'Lori is my Hero' on my stuff when we were kids. But she really lived up to that sentence this weekend... after 36+ hours of labor and much of it not pretty... she was diagnosed w/ pre-eclampsia and had to be induced... between the contractions and the headache and starving and the contractions... she was just absolutely miserable. Add in some scarily high blood pressure... dropping way way way too low, to low heartrates for the baby and a failure to progress, and you can see why they chose to just give her a c-section. This evening when I saw her though she said she was 'in heaven'... too bad she had to go through 36 hours of hell to get there.

But she was brave, she was strong and she didn't bitch about it... she truly was inspirational.

And now it is my pleasure to announce the arrival of Lucas John! Born this morning (not too sure on the time, sometime between 9:30 and 10am... 5lbs 5oz and 18.5" long ... he's a peanut!

It's so strange when you are used to newborns who are 8+ lbs... holding one that is so small is an entirely different kind of animal. He is so little and perfect and sweet... even his cry is sweet. Almost makes me want a newborn again. Almost, lol.

I will get better pictures when I go up to the hospital tommorrow w/ Aaron... he hasn't met his Godson yet, and I was flying solo w/ both boys today and Nolan was having a hard time. Lori is in the same room I was in when I had sethy... I think Nolan remembers because every time he walks into her room he completely loses his shit. This afternoon was the worst. So needless to say I am feeling a little apprehensive about taking him back there tommorrow, but what do I do... my regular babysitter is the one who just had a baby :)

anyway, that's all for now... I am just so glad that Lori is finally feeling better and that both she and Lucas are healthy. Yay!!!!!!!!! I'm an auntie!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hot Damn!

My little sister is being induced at this moment... she is due 4/10 but due to pre-e they are getting the ball rolling now. Please send positive thoughts and prayers her way... Hot damn I am going to be an auntie!!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Milestone!

So Saturday morning we decided that the time had come to say goodbye to the curls. What curls? These curls:

and he was NOT happy about it...

Friday, March 09, 2007

ho hum

So I know that I am starting to feel better... I've got the sinuses that won't clear, but other than that I feel a hell of a lot better than I felt even yesterday. Nolan and Seth are about the same... maybe a tad better. We ventured out of the house for the first time all week tonight to do some birthday shopping for my dad. I even managed to pick up part of a mother's day gift for my mom when i saw something I couldn't resist. I think tommorrow will find us at the supermall... I have been wanting to go down there for a while now.

So for my own record keeping purposes (feel free to skip this) Nolan now can do the animal sounds for: Kittycat(he sort of whines like a meow), bunny (sniffing), doggie, duck(cack cack), birdie (teet teet), chicken (bock bock), froggie (rrrrrrrr), tiger (roooooooaaaaar - complete w/ paws up). he makes the sound for a train (choo choo), and has started saying the word phone and he calls Ben 'B' and Asa 'Sa'.

Oh man, my sister is about 5 weeks away from her due date and I absolutely cannot WAIT to see that baby. I am also about to start school around that time, and mr. nolan will be experiencing his first time in daycare. I am really excited for him, it's on campus and is naeyc accredited... I think he will have a blast there. Seth isn't old enough (they only take 1year & walking) so Lori has graciously offered to take care of him in the mean time... I just don't want to overwhelm her... I want to give her lots of time to bond w/ her baby before she has to take care of mine. So I am trying to figure that out, and of course this is all if the financial aid stars area aligned and smiling down on me... we'll see.

other than that, not much else is going on... here are some pics.

his angel face

porkchops and applesauce

the beast has been awakened

daddy and seth

finger lickin good

Miss Julia

the seths

having a heart to heart