Monday, February 05, 2007

Picture parade...

I've got some older pictures that I've been meaning to post so here they are:

I love this outfit

oops, I startled him

Nolan rediscovered his jumparoo, oddly enough he actually enjoyed himself.

my little man in his overalls

he got trapped, lol

so happy

apparently he knows what crayons are for. And so it begins.

guess who figured out how to take the lid off the snack trap?

*sigh* so engrossed in the wiggles it has completely escaped him that his ASS IS HANGING OUT OF HIS PANTS.

him's my little sethy pie

training to be the next rocky

investigating the wonders of the courtyard

still a little boober

the stripes remind me of folsom


mama so funny

someone looks like his papa Glenn.

I love these hats

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