Monday, February 26, 2007

Pudding... GOOOOOD....

I can kind of imagine what he'll look like w/ a goatee here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This journal is so close to falling by the wayside you have no idea. I just never seem to have the time to update it... but since I'm paying for it I might as well try and keep up.

so, since I'm not feeling so wordy, here are some pics...

I set up a book corner for nolan, a place where he can just sit and read ... he came over to it after I was done and said "wwwwooooooowwwww" made my heart melt. :)

these hand things are fascinating

Reason number 200 that I don't think Nolan's ready for his own computer yet. (Aaron wants to set him up one to play on.)

so serious

he looks like tommy from rugrats here

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In honor of Valentine's day

Here is a list of easy and inexpensive ways to show your significant other that you give a rat's ass. Some of you may want to bookmark this.

- Leave little notes around the house in unexpected places w/ sweet things written on them.

- Leave a comment on their myspace page.

- buy a card and write something sweet in it.

- buy a card for other members of the house who are incapable of buying their own cards (like say the children or pets) and write something sweet in it.

- make coupons for various chores and such ... or 'good for one hour long back rub' or 'good for one afternoon out w/o the children' etc.

- perhaps wake up early and go buy them their favorite coffee and bring it back to the house and wake them up w/ that and some breakfast.

- if you don't feel like getting up early to get the coffee, put two bucks in a card and write that it's to go get a cup of coffee, your treat.

- clean the house so that your significant other wakes up to a spotless living room and/or kitchen

- make heart shaped pancakes/muffins/cupcakes WHATEVER.

- make and pack their lunch for them.

- get up early with the kids and let them sleep in.

- spend 5 bucks and buy them flowers or something.

- buy them a gossip magazine and a coffee.

- insist that they take the morning off to go take a nice long bubble bath.

- don't wait until the last minute to buy a card. plan ahead and actually think about what you could do to make this day special for the one you love.

feel free to add on to this in the comments.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cough Cough Hack Hack

ugh. Crud. I haven't updated because I'm tired. I'm not feeling 100% lately. The kids are both getting over the crud. And I am tired of being negative. The good news is that I am kicking ass at the gym. The bad news is that I'm barely losing regardless. For the first few weeks I kept my calories at 1500 when working out, and 1200 when not working out. I gained. . But I kept at it, and barely lost a half pound or something like that. So I have cut my cals down to about 1000-1200 and one day a week I am not very strict, though I don't think I get about 1500 then either and I am starting to see a very small difference. I am trying to do this the healthy way, and not just cut my cals to 500 a day and watch the weight fall off, but man it's hard. I have about 9 or 10 weeks before my 30th birthday and I had better be down a MINIMUM of 20lbs by then. I am not starting my 30's in this weight range. NOT happening.

anyhoo, how about a buttload of pictures?

taken at the indoor park I took him to a few weeks ago, am hoping to take him again soon.

they had lots of stuff to ride in and on at the indoor park, he wasn't too interested though.

this is fun mom!

it was a hair raising good time

help me mom!

he RAN with this cart all over the gym area for a good 10 minutes

poor sethy fell asleep in his jumparoo while we were off having fun :)

we (Nolan and I) went to the children's museum in the factoria mall a few weeks ago and that was a lot of fun... He had a BLAST. Highly recommend it.

checking out the cab of a semi truck

AGAIN w/ the camera?


the smocks for the water play area cracked me up

he love love loved the water table

the look on his face here cracks me up!

at lunch

mama so mean. she won't let me eat crayons.

ahhhh... wiggles.

my handsome boy

Monday, February 05, 2007

Picture parade...

I've got some older pictures that I've been meaning to post so here they are:

I love this outfit

oops, I startled him

Nolan rediscovered his jumparoo, oddly enough he actually enjoyed himself.

my little man in his overalls

he got trapped, lol

so happy

apparently he knows what crayons are for. And so it begins.

guess who figured out how to take the lid off the snack trap?

*sigh* so engrossed in the wiggles it has completely escaped him that his ASS IS HANGING OUT OF HIS PANTS.

him's my little sethy pie

training to be the next rocky

investigating the wonders of the courtyard

still a little boober

the stripes remind me of folsom


mama so funny

someone looks like his papa Glenn.

I love these hats