Saturday, December 02, 2006

White lie

I completely spaced updating over the weekend so we'll just pretend that this was written on saturday mmmkay?

We are over at my mom's right now, hanging out. Seth is sleeping and being an angel of course, and Nolan is having a ball playing in the toybox and flirting with the idea of touching Nana's christmas decorations.

I am going to put him down for a nap here shortly, we have a big evening ahead of us as well, we are going to Aaron's mom's house for our nephew's birthday party. That's about an hour south of us, so we want to make sure that Nolan is well rested.

Seth is growing like a weed, the child is starting to wear 3-6 month clothes... not sleepers yet, as those are still a bit big, but onesies and jeans and such all fit him. *sniff* my little guy is getting so big. He hates his carseat with a passion, and loves loves LOVES it when you talk to him. He lights up right away.

Here are a few new pics of the little studs:

yes he STILL has a binky. No, I don't know when we will be rid of it.

I guess tummy time isn't so bad if you are already asleep :)

in the shirt and hat his auntie Tib sent him from utah. I love love love this hat!!!!

he's even pretty when he's mad

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