Saturday, December 30, 2006


so much for the updating daily goal. ah well.

So yeah... christmas, holy crap was that just a week ago? I'll summarize in bullet points:

-xmas eve started out peaceful, but by the time we got Nolan up from his nap he wouldn't eat lunch and was a CRANK. (hint #1 that I should've figured out something was wrong.)
-after he ate lunch we packed up the car and drove about an hour away to Aaron's mom's house in Roy... Nolan whined and cried about 3/4 of the way there. (uh, hint #2)
-upon entering Inez's house (Aaron's mom) Aaron says to me "um, we need to change Nolan."
Me: "ok"
Aaron: "no, I mean it, I have shit on my arm." (hint #3 perhaps?"
-he'd had a pretty disgusting blowout up the back of his adorable christmas outfit. Luckily, I'd brought an extra christmas outfit (what can I say, we were spoiled this year!) and he wore that instead.
-Nolan continued to whine and cry and basically be a pill for about the first 1/2 hour that we were there, finally chilling out when he was satisfied that noone was going to hurt him/take him/sell him to the gypsies/ make him into lovely nolan skinned boots/etc.
-We left after about 3 hours to head to my annual family gathering of my dad's side, and nolan screeched and screamed the entire 1.5 hour drive there.
-at one point during a lull in the screaming I called my mom and in the middle of the conversation turned around in the car and screamed back at him "JESUS NOLAN, ENOOOOOUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!" (stellar parenting moment).
-upon entering my aunt's house, nolan decided that THIS was where people were going to hurt him/take him/sell him to the gypsies/ make him into lovely nolan skinned boots/etc and proceeded to scream and cry and slap at his great aunts and uncles. (Much to my EXTREME embarassment).
-he settled down once I took him to the living room where there were only a few people and then once the other kids got there he had a ball.
-we left there at 10pm and went to my parent's house, where we were gifted with a giant diaper of liquid shit. (ok, now I picked up on it, someone must have a tummy bug.)
-we camped out in the living room where I had to contend with the chorus of the snorers (seth, lori and aaron) and seth and lori had to contend with the chorus of bullshit noise (monitor/noise from the sleep cd nolan was listening to on the other side of the wall/and my christmas music radio station(I listen to that so I don't concentrate on the snoring).
-we got up, opened stockings, opened presents, limited nolan's food to bread and water (ok, and milk and crackers) and changed several liquidy shit diapers. (it sounds like we didn't have a good time, but we did! We got lovely presents and had yummy food and played board games (I was in heaven!))
-we went home and that night Aaron said "hmm. I feel nauseous."
-that night Aaron develops a cough, has problems w/ his hiatal hernia (read: choking and sputtering) and deals with the lovely tummy virus... we are up all.night.long. (miraculously though sethy sleeps through it all.)
-the next day I take the boys over to my parents, and then Nolan goes to the pediatrician for his 18 month check up (28.3lbs, 32.75") and four shots. I proceed to nap the rest of the afternoon on and off on their couch and tell Aaron when we get home "hmmm... I feel nauseous."
-the next day (yesterday) I am achy, I have horrible tummy cramps and I am treated to a whopping FIVE liquid shit diapers. Nolan seems to be in better spirits, I get both boys to nap at the same time (HALLELUJAH!) and I get to lay in bed and drift in and out of sleep for about 2 hours... under 6 blankets/quilts AND laying on a heating pad, I never fully warmed up. I go to bed at 9pm to awake at 7am today.
-as it stands today I feel 100% better, though I am most definitely still in the throws of the virus (but it is truly amazing how the absence of body aches makes you feel completely well), Aaron seems back to himself, Nolan's little butt is so raw it makes me hurt just thinking about it ... his diarrhea seems to be gone, but he's still going a lot and his tush can't catch a break. he's slathered in balmex and cornstarch.
-oh and Aaron and Nolan both seem to have caught colds. LOVELY.

overall it was a very nice holiday, we were all showered with lots of love and goodies and it was neat to see Nolan opening up his gifts.

The suckage is that with all the sickness the house looks like a tornado hit it, the laundry has piled up and we got our electricity bill after being gone a total of 3 nights and not being home during many of the days in the past two weeks, it's the same fucking price as last month... HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE? Our bill is always pretty predictable, so I don't know what to think. I am calling PSE on monday and asking about it though, because for 2.5 days we didn't even have power and w/ the holidays we haven't been home much AT ALL... whether it was out shopping or staying w/ family... it really makes no sense.

Lastly, we have a forced air heating system in our home... one thermostat for the entire house (SUCK SUCK SUCK!). We have one vent in the dining room that serves the entire dining/living area (SUCK!) and vents in both bathrooms (closed) and bedrooms. We rarely used it because we assumed that it would cost a lot more to run the main heat than to just use plug in heaters... we have a radiating heater in the living room and one that runs in nolan's room based on temperature.

what is your opinion on the portable heaters? More expensive than just using the main heating system? We keep the one in the living room on from about 5:30am until about 9pm and Nolan's is on during naptime if it is cold (about 2 hours) and from about 7pm at night until the next morning at 7am.)

If we were to run the main heat it would likely be on most of the day and then at night as well... as nolan's room and ours lately is like a freakin' tomb.


and now a few pictures:

Aaron and seth on Christmas Eve

Nolan and his auntie Brandi open a present

Nolan modeling the hat that his Godmother Sarah got for him (sethy got a matching one too)

his mama is so mean

nolan showing his angelic side to his great grandma and auntie angie

Nolan gets his first pound puppy from auntie brandi

see, I am angelic

Seth's pensive look

mama's little christmas present

Photo taken by Aaron at the computer desk; quality time :)

Have a Happy New Year!!!!

***edited to add***

Oh yeah and I chopped my hair this week!!!! I LOVE IT!

the inspiration:

the before:

and the after:

Friday, December 22, 2006

I would rather be a bitch than an idiot.

Just had to add this, I've been selling some stuff on ebay and this woman I came across this week has been a true pain in the ass.

backstory: I listed 2 sweaters w/ shipping set at $5 per sweater. They were two seperate auctions. She won both auctions, each sweater went for like 2 and 3 bucks a pop. ok fine. I send her an invoice, lumping them together and giving her a break on shipping down to $6 bucks instead of 10 for both.

here is the email exchange that then takes place:

From Her:

I think you made a mistake on the shipping.. The auction mail price was only $5 so it can't be $11 for both.. When you combine shipping it is normally a lower amount... Let me know.. DONNA

My Reply:

Hi there, you purchased this item: (Linked the item) and the shipping was $5.

you also purchased this item: (linked to the item) which also had a shipping cost of $5.

I combined both into one package and reduced the final shipping cost to $6 instead of $10.

For some wierd reason it didn't show up on the invoice that you purchased both items, but I know when I created the invoice, it did... that's how I knew you purchased both items. strange.

anyhoo, I hope this clears it up a bit, lol. Your total $ owed is $11 for both auctions including shipping. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with :)

Her reply:

I will be glad to pay when the shipping is adjusted.. I won't pay more then the listing ship price.. I know everyone is busy this time of year so Merry Christmas.. DONNA

My reply (admittedly I was BEYOND irritated):

you know what fine. you won TWO of my auctions, I LOWERED THE SHIPPING PRICE TO BE NICE but since you don't want me to do that, I will resend the invoices and you can pay the shipping full price on both instead of the REDUCED price I sent you.

gah. merry christmas.

*** I might add I got a receipt for payment in full about an hour later***

Her reply (the next morning):

The invoice that i had this morning for both sweaters said $11 and would not let me change it.. I haven't been home all day and you must have changed it after I tried to pay early this morning... I'm not trying to be hard to get along with... If you list an item on ebay you take a chance on low bids.. that is what happens sometimes... It isn't my fault you didn't get more for your sweaters...

My reply:

seriously, stop emailing me, you are an idiot.


I was trying to save you $4.00 in shipping since you were the winning bidder in TWO AUCTIONS of mine... I was trying to do a nice thing.

That's all... I sent you an invoice for LESS than the actual amount because you won both auctions, and when you continued to be a pain in my ass by acting like I was trying to get more money out of you I sent you the final invoice w/ the original amount... therefore causing you to pay 10 dollars in shipping instead of 6 dollars.

I don't care that the sweaters only went for a few bucks, I have no issue with that. I was trying to SAVE YOU MONEY IN SHIPPING BECAUSE I AM A NICE PERSON and you have been nothing but a pain in the ass about it.

Her reply:

Oh and nice people don't call other people assholes.... goodbye

My reply:

um, I didn't call you an asshole. I called you an idiot and a PAIN in the ass... perhaps you have me confused with some other ebay seller that you pissed off.

next time I try to be nice and save someone some cash, shoot me.
I suck at daily updating

I admit it, I suck. But with good reason... we had lost power for like 3 days, then I've been suffering from anxiety attacks (go heartracer go!) and general mass hysteria surrounding the holiday festivities.

me so busy.

the kids are doing great, nolan is such a smarty. We have a game we play in the bathroom (yes, the child comes with me when I pee, it's just easier that way). Anyway he waves bye to me and I say "bye bye" and then he shuts the bathroom door. I say "where's nolan?" and he opens it and shrieks at me. Lather, rinse, repeat. he does this every time we are in the bathroom together.

The other day he also pointed to the cupboard under the bathroom sink and said "ca-ca". aaahhhh, the boy is a genius. :)

anyhoo, it's 10:20 am and I have made 200 pretzel candies, I have baked almost 6 dozen secret kiss cookies and 5 dozen oatmeal scotchies. I am off to make 3 pans of fudge and possible some buckeyes and chocolate peanut butter bars. Tommorrow all I will have left to do is the oreo truffles I think... oh, and I made 10 batches of glazed walnuts last night.


here are some recent pics:

So much fun to be had with the shower curtain

I just want to eat him up

a group photo of my mom's group, we got together for a christmas cookie exchange a few weeks ago

Heather and seth share a laugh

or two

nolan and julia on a lunch date

miss julia

the grin here, is because he was backing up from me and fell ass backwards into that bumbo and I laughed so hard at his reaction he totally stopped crying and started laughing too.

one of his other girlfriend's... this bear sings and he always ALWAYS makes a beeline for it when we go to nana and papa's.

after the cookie exchange, he was tuckered out

seth and daddy

seth enjoying his time upright

he fell asleep in the jumperoo


aww, sharing is fun!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I have a good reason for the lack of updates

besides the fact that I am tired as hell and have not felt like it in the least.

But for serious, we lost power on thursday night around 9pm and didn't get it back until Saturday sometime. So we hightailed it over to my parent's house for the past few days and stayed warm and enjoyed the finer qualities of life such as high definition television and warm coffee and overhead lighting.

Lori and Seth lost power later on that night, so they came over the next day and we had a big ol' slumber party Friday night. It was a lot of fun. The boys weathered the change just fine, sleeping in until almost 9 am on friday (YIPEE!) and 8am on saturday. Me likey.

The damage though is amazing... trees that were completely uprooted... big honking trees... amazing.

We attended a cookie exchange this morning and one of the girls took these pictures w/ her nikon d70... something that I am DYING to get.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another resemblance....

So I officially think seth looks like me. Other people have said it, but I now believe it. As much as he can look like his brother, today when I saw a picture of me at 2.5 mos old on my mom's wall, I was AMAZED at how much he looks like me at that age.

Here is the picture:

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Some people still think that Nolan and Seth look nothing alike... I beg to differ...

Nolan at 11 weeks

seth at 11 weeks

So I haven't talked about it much here yet, partially because I want to respect my sister's privacy, but then I figure if it's ok for me to put something like this on the site, then I can talk about the tiny little man fetus she's carrying right now.

She's due in the spring, and I swear I forget that she's pregnant (even though we talk about the baby a lot, and my mom and I and aaron and I all talk about the impending birth a lot... I forget until I see her and then I see her cute little belly and I have to stifle the urge to say stuff like "omg you look so adorable w/ that belly" because I remember how much I truly hated unsolicited comments about my belly.

But she does look adorable.

If I weren't so anti-touch the belly for myself I might reach out and rub hers, lol. I guess I kind of get why people do that now.

Anyhoo, I am so freakin' excited to be an auntie!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my nephews that Aaron brought to the marriage, but I am so excited for Lori's baby because A. she's my baby sissy. B. she's one of my best friends and C. it's another baby! my first blood nephew! and we can't forget D. our babies will be close in age, and how adorable will it be to see them all playing cars on the floor at nana and papa's?

Seth (lori's seth that is) is big into wrestling, and when we found out they were having a boy I jokingly said "great! now YOUR little shit is going to be teaching MY little shits all kind of stuff like half nelsons and shoulder slams."

anyway, it's late (as usual) and I'm tired.

Here is mama's peanut in her favorite sleeper of all time (I'd show a comparison pic of nolan in it, but I cannot for the life of me find the disc that has all of our christmas pics from last year on it. arg.)

and yes, Nolan wore them at this time last year too. Granted, they are roomy on seth, but they fit nonetheless. BIG BOY!

Monday, December 11, 2006

There's a crick in my neck dear liza.

Man, I slept wrong the night before last and now my shoulder and neck hurt like hell. I hate that.

Seth slept from 9:30pm last night until 6am this morning. (insert jaw drop here)He has slept 6 and 7 hour stretches before but this was 8.5 hours... at one point I put my finger under his nose to make sure he was still breathing. He's currently sitting in front of me on the boppy (I am using the laptop next to the bed) and smiling like a little flirt at me.

He loves it when we sing to him or talk to him in high tones. He especially likes the song "he's a little dinkus boy" that I sing to him to the tune of 'camptown races'. (he's a little dinkus boy, doo dah, doo dah. He's a little dinkus boy oh doo dah day.)

we finished christmas shopping for the boys this weekend. Aaron and I are not exchanging gifts as money is just too tight, and technically we couldn't really afford the 2 gifts we bought this weekend for the kids, but it's christmas and they weren't that expensive. Anyhoo, they are getting joint gifts and granted, the gifts are more for nolan's age, but seth needs nothing. seriously... the child will be outfitted for the next year or two until he and nolan are basically the same size... and we have enough damn baby toys in this house to sink a battleship.

So we got them the little leaps video system... I like it because it has infant and toddler functions so they will both be able to use it at some point. They also got some board books, a set of duplo blocks and a race car track thingy for toddlers. And nolan is getting a special model of a jeep and seth is getting a special picture frame just like the one nolan got where there are places for pictures of him from each month.

Not too shabby.

anyhoo, how about some pics...

Seth's getting used to the idea of sitting upright

Hey I remember this chair... it shrunk!

it's amazing he has any cheeks left after all the pinching that goes on around here

my little dinkus boy

Sunday, December 10, 2006

5 things...

5 things I love about this time of year:
1. Christmas music
2. Christmas lights
3. shopping for presents
4. baking goodies
5. the glow the tree gives the living room

5 things I dislike about this time of year
1. the commercialism
2. the greed
3. the fucking traffic at the mall
4. the weight I gain from the goodies
5. how quickly it's all over

5 tv shows I can't live without
1. cash cab
2. ER
3. Wife Swap/Trading Spouses
4. Oprah
5. The View (shut up)

5 tv shows I hate with a passion
1. Jerry Springer
2. that 70's show
3. dharma and greg
4. the office
5. scrubs

5 things about being a mom that kick ass
1. the smiles and coos from Seth
2. the loves and kisses from Nolan
3. the discovery of regular things as being spectacular
4. the funny things they do
5. the sweetness of it all

5 things about being a mom that don't really kick ass
1. the poop
2. the snot
3. the vomit
4. the defiance
5. the early hours

5 things I would like to do in my lifetime
1. lose about 60lbs
2. live in Manhattan, NY
3. have one more baby
4. own a house
5. travel through europe

5 things I need to do in the next year
1. start school
2. help Lori plan a wedding
3. throw two showers and a bachelorette party
4. get my teeth cleaned
5. lose about 40lbs

5 things I never want to do ever ever ever
1. discover a spider anywhere in my house
2. get in a car accident
3. fight w/ aaron
4. lose anyone close to me
5. gain anymore weight

5 things I would love to eat right now
1. a pretzel candy
2. a krackel candy bar
3. a cherry cordial hershey kiss
4. some really good chocolate cake
5. some salty french fries from mcd's.

5 things I am wishing for for christmas
1. a good night's sleep. (seriously)
2. to win the lottery
3. a 5lb weight loss
4. snowman/penguin stuff
5. the promise of perfect health for the next year

5 things I need to go do right this very minute
1. put water in the humidifier
2. get ready to rock seth to sleep
3. turn the effing heat on already
4. brush my teeth
5. get in my jammies

and on that note, I am outta here.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Blasts from the past

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November 2006

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November 2005

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January 2006, one of my favorite videos ever

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I love this one too, from October of 2005

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Anyone else out there using blogger and the new blogger beta thing? It sucks ass. Big time. Will not recognize my username or password about 75% of the time. Seriously pissing me off.

You know what also sucks ass? This updating daily thing. Not digging it at all. I have no time for anything, let alone doing updates and yet I feel guilty if I don't eek an entry out before I crash into bed.

Nolan seems to be feeling a bit better, I had a runny nose all day, but am going on very little sleep (thanks seth!) so I am not sure if it's from being exhausted or what.

Simone in the comments asked if the green sweater Seth was wearing in the last set of pics I uploaded was Nolan's. yep! The very same! in fact most of what he wears once was nolan's. He got a handful of new outfits from friends and family, but 95% of his wardrobe is big brother's. Good eye :)

Anyhoo, here are a few santa pics... the one we actually purchased had nolan actually looking at and acknowledging the camera. These are all shots that Heather took.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Picture post

this one amuses me greatly, it doesn't even look like him!

can you hear me now?

not hating, but not enjoying the bath

so sweet

I'm all wrapped up but I'm not tired yet!

Aaron and the boys on thanksgiving

mama and the boys on thanksgiving