Thursday, November 16, 2006

Quick again

I meant to get on here and update earlier, but I have been busy all day, so a quick update now is all you get. :)

We went for a walk today, 2 miles! And he did much better (Nolan) today than he did the other day... we went for a 2 mile walk earlier this week and he decided about halfway into it that he wanted to be out of the stroller, and proceeded to scream and rage for the remaining 20 minutes or more of our walk. I was all set to talk about how he is the mayor of tantrum town right now, but man today was awesome. He was bright and happy and sunshiney... it was amazing to see such a change, I hope we see more days like that. He is still cutting molars, so I know that they are likely the reason for the tantrums and such, but man. I am NOT looking forward to the terrible twos if his ones are going to be like this.

In other Nolan news he must've seen me slap molly on the ass the other day, because now his favorite thing to do is to wallop either Aaron or I in the face (I admit, I laughed till I nearly peed when he got Aaron... it wasn't quite so funny when he did it to me), and then Aaron noticed he's been picking up his toys, loving on them and then WHAM! He slaps them. We are working on redirecting that energy... heh.

He also is mimicking me yelling at the fuckers I mean cats... it sounds like he's yelling "GO GO!" and I think he's trying to copy me saying "GET DOWN!" or "GET OUT!" two phrases he hears me yell at least 10 times a day. Usually to Molly the beyotch.

Seth is growing like a weed... his 8 week appt is on monday, I am really curious to see how much the little dude has grown... I swear he is getting too big for stuff that Nolan wore another month already. He is still fond of the 2am - 4am hang out time w/ me... I am trying something new today, I read on that the way to get him turned around is to not allow him to sleep for 3 hours or more during the day. So All day I have woken him up after 2 hours... we'll see if it works.

and some pictures...

Angel face

I hate the way these soothie pacifiers look

like duh.

In his 3 month sleeper from Auntie Holly... so big.

I guess she figures since he torments her she can take custody of his couch

Last night Nolan and Aaron had quite a fun time playing in the ads from the mail. At one point Nolan was literally rolling around in them.

what the fu......

on our walk the other day, NOT amused

child of a million faces....seriously... for some reason in this picture I can see Aaron's dad, his grandpa... I see my dad and I also see my Grandma Pat. Anyone else?

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