Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Milestones and such

I have been pretty excited for all of Nolan's milestones. Teeth, crawling, eating solids, walking etc. Waiting in anticipation for each one to happen... and being so proud and excited when they did. We hit another milestone last weekend that I not only wansn't ready for, it damn near broke my heart.

We went over to my cousin's house to visit for a little bit, they have a baby who is two weeks old. They also have a four year old who Nolan absolutely adores. Anyway, when we first got there, it was business as usual... Nolan clung to us, unsure of his surroundings and of my cousins. Then Aaron took him w/ him when he went w/ Dwayne (my cousin's hubby) out to the garage. When they came back in, Aaron was alone and I asked where Nolan was. He said "in evan's room playing". (Evan is the 4 year old.) I immediately got up to go check on him because I know how he likes to put stuff in his mouth... I peeked into Evan's room and there they were playing cars on the floor together. My little baby is no longer such a baby. It seriously breaks my heart a little bit to see him do such big boy stuff.

I think seth is getting ready to go through his 6 week growth spurt. Homeboy has been eating non stop and such a fuss budget today. He doesn't know how to settle himself at all, which is fine. But he takes his sweet time falling asleep and twice today I've had to let him scream for a while so I could give nolan breakfast and lunch. Talk about stressing me out.

We broke out the double stroller today and took it for a walk, it was a success! I'll post pictures of it tommorrow maybe, they are in the camera, which is still in the living room. (I am posting this from the bedroom.)

We didn't do anything for Halloween... got 2 trick or treaters... TWO. I cannot even tell you how many fucking kit kat bars I have eaten in the past 24 hours. I threw the rest of the candy out today in a fit of 'THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.' I am officially off sweets. I just cannot handle it... I don't have that little thing in the brain that tells me I can have just one or two. No, I need to eat the entire bag. ugh. No more. No candies, no cookies, no cakes, no pies. I would like at some point to start wearing my wedding ring again you know? I have lost about 24lbs, but have plateau'd. I have 10 more lbs to lose from seth and an additional 30 to lose from nolan. I'd like to lose at least half that by my 30th birthday in April.

anyhoo, how about some pictures...

Sweety boy

Just hanging out

gotta love the matching jams

tummy time

here are some professional shots we had taken of the kids earlier this month

Nolan was absolutely terrified of the photographer

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