Monday, November 27, 2006


I have lots to tell you all, so I promise I'll be back shortly... most importantly Lori and Seth are having a boy!!!!!! My first Nephew! (ok, blood nephew!) and ... She and Seth are getting married Next year! (which of course means I have less than a year to get my fat ass in a strapless gown... hence why I was at the community center on a treadmill this evening.)

We got snow here last night and right now it's coming down like CRAZY! Here are some pics and videos, we took nolan out in it before we put him to bed, since in Seattle you never know if it'll still be there in the morning.

Apparently nolan and I were dressed like twinsies!

and some videos...

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slipping and sliding in the kitchen when we came inside

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Quick again

I meant to get on here and update earlier, but I have been busy all day, so a quick update now is all you get. :)

We went for a walk today, 2 miles! And he did much better (Nolan) today than he did the other day... we went for a 2 mile walk earlier this week and he decided about halfway into it that he wanted to be out of the stroller, and proceeded to scream and rage for the remaining 20 minutes or more of our walk. I was all set to talk about how he is the mayor of tantrum town right now, but man today was awesome. He was bright and happy and sunshiney... it was amazing to see such a change, I hope we see more days like that. He is still cutting molars, so I know that they are likely the reason for the tantrums and such, but man. I am NOT looking forward to the terrible twos if his ones are going to be like this.

In other Nolan news he must've seen me slap molly on the ass the other day, because now his favorite thing to do is to wallop either Aaron or I in the face (I admit, I laughed till I nearly peed when he got Aaron... it wasn't quite so funny when he did it to me), and then Aaron noticed he's been picking up his toys, loving on them and then WHAM! He slaps them. We are working on redirecting that energy... heh.

He also is mimicking me yelling at the fuckers I mean cats... it sounds like he's yelling "GO GO!" and I think he's trying to copy me saying "GET DOWN!" or "GET OUT!" two phrases he hears me yell at least 10 times a day. Usually to Molly the beyotch.

Seth is growing like a weed... his 8 week appt is on monday, I am really curious to see how much the little dude has grown... I swear he is getting too big for stuff that Nolan wore another month already. He is still fond of the 2am - 4am hang out time w/ me... I am trying something new today, I read on that the way to get him turned around is to not allow him to sleep for 3 hours or more during the day. So All day I have woken him up after 2 hours... we'll see if it works.

and some pictures...

Angel face

I hate the way these soothie pacifiers look

like duh.

In his 3 month sleeper from Auntie Holly... so big.

I guess she figures since he torments her she can take custody of his couch

Last night Nolan and Aaron had quite a fun time playing in the ads from the mail. At one point Nolan was literally rolling around in them.

what the fu......

on our walk the other day, NOT amused

child of a million faces....seriously... for some reason in this picture I can see Aaron's dad, his grandpa... I see my dad and I also see my Grandma Pat. Anyone else?

Monday, November 13, 2006


Quick entry, I have a semi-fussy 7 week old in my lap (7 weeks!) it's 6am, he woke at 4:30 after 6 straight hours of sleep to eat and decided it was time to hang out. fine by me! I do much better at early wakings to hang than middle of the night hang outs. The last few nights he has been sleeping 5-6 hour stretches, in fact yesterday I woke up after 8.5 hours of sleep total w/ one wakeup. It was the best night of sleep I've had in a looong time.

In other news we have been keeping busy around here... Aaron finished 'winterizing' the house yesterday. A task that involved a lot of plastic sheeting and masking tape, a step ladder and a dining room that now looks like 'under the big top'. *sigh* But I think it's already helping, so that's all that matters. I just cannot have two little guys freezing all day long in this tomb we call a home.

Nolan said 'baby' and 'cookie' yesterday... we'll see if I can get him to repeat them today and make them official vocabulary words today.

Seth is growing by leaps and bounds... He is bigger than Nolan was at this point, it's crazy... he's almost out of his 0-3 month outfits, nolan was still in them at 3 months. *sniff*

I have already had my morning coffee and am cleaning my bedroom... I only took a break because seth was getting fussy under the baby gym, I think he's starting to get tired.

Weight loss blog will be updated somewhat regularly again. *sigh*

and now pics...

what the....

hmm, let's see what's in here...

uhh.... I don't think the lid is supposed to come off...

someone is PISSED OFF.


Seth gets some dada time

so sweet

I could just bite him

Someone's ready for some tivo...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


those fuckers at simonweb (my old hosting company) are still debiting my account, and will not respond to any emails I have sent. They don't have a phone number listed either.

Any advice on how I can get them to stop, who I can report them to, etc?

Friday, November 03, 2006

You guys are awesome.

Seriously, thanks for all of the comments, you are so encouraging. I'd like to answer some of the questions that you posted...

As for outside help, it's not likely. I can't really nap anyway as if I do, I don't sleep well at night. So we make do.

Slings... I have one, it's very similar to a maya wrap. I hate it. I do... I don't know what my deal is, but it bugs the shit out of me... I am fairly certain that I am putting it on correctly, I have tried it numerous times in the past w/ nolan (the one good thing it's for, is getting both kids down to the car at the same time. Nolan in the sling, seth in the car seat) but it's not comfortable to me. Pulls my clothing, then there's that 4ft train of fabric that gets in my way. I am just not that great w/ it.

I just purchased a mei tai carrier off of ebay though, so I am hoping that will be a bit easier than the snugli and more comfortable. It should be here next week.

As for working around Nolan's naps, I do... big time. yesterday was the first 2 nap day in a while, and today is shaping up to be one as well. But he did need to be bathed right then... it was a gross diaper that had um... leaked if you could call it that... into the feet of his pajamas. I was literally picking chunks out of the feet... ugh.

The only times I have to let seth scream like that are when I *have* to get something done... so luckily it doesn't happen often. The only other times he's just had to scream are when I am at my wits end and need to just walk away for a few minutes. That never lasts long at all because after 30 seconds of screaming I feel terrible for walking away and go pick him up.

As for the spotless house, HA! lol, it gets cleaned when it can be cleaned, and usually when one or both boys is asleep or engaged in something. I don't worry about stuff like that so much right now. And for the most part it's ok... but some days like yesterday are just really difficult.

Co sleeping... just not going to happen. Not unless Aaron gets booted to the living room, because we just don't have enough room. I cannot sleep while holding seth in my arms or on my chest... I just can't get comfortable enough... so it's pointless to try anymore. When aaron gets up for work at 4am, if seth is up, I will lay him between two pillows next to me, and that's as close to co sleeping as we get. It just doesn't work for me otherwise. I am an active sleeper, and very particular as to how I lay.

Today is seeming better... although I am fucking exhausted. I had about 5 hours of sleep last night... Seth decided that 1:15 was an excellent time to hang w/ his mama. Ah well. I feel like I am slowly starting to accept this little nightowl schedule. now if my idiotic ass would go to bed early enough to get more sleep I would be in much better shape. It's hard though, because evening is my only 'me' time... and I get involved in something and have a hard time going to bed. It's my own damn fault.

I may try to nap today while the kids are asleep... we'll see how it works out.

I have to give props to Lori for saving my ass yesterday. She came over to watch the boys so I could go to my 6 week post partum check up (joy of joys) as Aaron stayed after work so he could pick up my mom when she got off. I was a space case and left my lights on at the doctor's office... and to make a long story short, I anticipated being home before 5pm and didn't end up getting home until well after 6pm. She was awesome and took excellent care of the kids... she rocks.

how about a few videos... (not sure what they consist of, so they could be boring)

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Some days are just really really really hard. I try to remember how lucky I am that both of my kids are healthy and that we have a warm, dry place to live, food to eat and they are being cared for by someone who loves them more than anyone else in the world, which is a lucky thing.

But some days are really really really hard.


What to do when you have an infant who only wants to be held 24 hours a day? ok, maybe more like 16 hours a day... there are some sleep stretches where he's ok w/ being put down. But for the most part, wants to be held. Swing and bouncer don't help... so he has to cry when I need to tend to Nolan, or go pee, or get something done around the house.

I put him in the snugli and wore him on my back while I tried to bathe nolan this morning, but honestly if he's going to cry like that on my back, he can cry like that in the other room and save me from a nervous breakdown in the process.

I am so tired.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Milestones and such

I have been pretty excited for all of Nolan's milestones. Teeth, crawling, eating solids, walking etc. Waiting in anticipation for each one to happen... and being so proud and excited when they did. We hit another milestone last weekend that I not only wansn't ready for, it damn near broke my heart.

We went over to my cousin's house to visit for a little bit, they have a baby who is two weeks old. They also have a four year old who Nolan absolutely adores. Anyway, when we first got there, it was business as usual... Nolan clung to us, unsure of his surroundings and of my cousins. Then Aaron took him w/ him when he went w/ Dwayne (my cousin's hubby) out to the garage. When they came back in, Aaron was alone and I asked where Nolan was. He said "in evan's room playing". (Evan is the 4 year old.) I immediately got up to go check on him because I know how he likes to put stuff in his mouth... I peeked into Evan's room and there they were playing cars on the floor together. My little baby is no longer such a baby. It seriously breaks my heart a little bit to see him do such big boy stuff.

I think seth is getting ready to go through his 6 week growth spurt. Homeboy has been eating non stop and such a fuss budget today. He doesn't know how to settle himself at all, which is fine. But he takes his sweet time falling asleep and twice today I've had to let him scream for a while so I could give nolan breakfast and lunch. Talk about stressing me out.

We broke out the double stroller today and took it for a walk, it was a success! I'll post pictures of it tommorrow maybe, they are in the camera, which is still in the living room. (I am posting this from the bedroom.)

We didn't do anything for Halloween... got 2 trick or treaters... TWO. I cannot even tell you how many fucking kit kat bars I have eaten in the past 24 hours. I threw the rest of the candy out today in a fit of 'THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.' I am officially off sweets. I just cannot handle it... I don't have that little thing in the brain that tells me I can have just one or two. No, I need to eat the entire bag. ugh. No more. No candies, no cookies, no cakes, no pies. I would like at some point to start wearing my wedding ring again you know? I have lost about 24lbs, but have plateau'd. I have 10 more lbs to lose from seth and an additional 30 to lose from nolan. I'd like to lose at least half that by my 30th birthday in April.

anyhoo, how about some pictures...

Sweety boy

Just hanging out

gotta love the matching jams

tummy time

here are some professional shots we had taken of the kids earlier this month

Nolan was absolutely terrified of the photographer