Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pictures and bullet points

*today Seth figured out how to use his binky
*today Nolan figured out how to use a straw (though we've never really tried - and success!!! he's a genius! lol)
*cracked and bleeding... and fucking PAINFUL. I'll let you guess what I'm referring to.
*Aaron's 2nd week of vacation started today, when he goes back to work on Monday the 9th I think the boys and I will weep collectively at his absence.
*Nolan gave me his damn cold
*I cannot believe Seth has been here a whole week.
*I have resumed sleeping on my back and it is HEAVEN.
*I've had a tension headache for the past two days... it sucketh hardeth.
*Seth is back up to 8lbs 14oz... when we left the hosp. he was 8lbs 10oz.
*Seth slept for 5.5 hours straight last night (yay!) but then woke to nurse for TWO EFFING HOURS (boo!). The sleep we managed to get after that was fitful at best. TWO HOURS PEOPLE.

and now a shitload of pictures to make up for the lack of entries...

"um... what.the.hell.is.this.thing?

"it's moving... I don't yike it."

that's it, he's done

He wasn't much more cooperative w/ daddy in the picture either

seth just hanging out

I could just eat him up

we liken dealing w/ nolan when he's being difficult to dealing w/ an angry midget... here you can see why

Now some older pics that I was too lazy to post before...

practicing w/ a spoon

hey, he's pretty good!

of course, there's always room for improvement.

Inspecting some of the toys Seth received as gifts

may i bother you or some Grey Poupon?

love that face.

Aaron thinks the title of this should be 'you are my puppets and I am your puppetmaster!" But I think "dance puppets dance!" fits too.

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