Friday, September 01, 2006


(originally posted on 8.8.06)

So baby martin will make his appearance in under 60 days. And I don't like ANY of our names. seriously. I am the QUEEN of indecisiveness.

Also, we have been having our condo's painted and I fucking HATE THE PAINTERS. For many reasons... including the following:

1. the whole pressure washing incident I wrote about previously.

2. the fact that the fuckers TAPED OUR SCREENDOOR SHUT and left the plastic and tape up all fucking weekend until I finally had a panic attack because "I can't breathe, dammit, I can't breathe"... the air was still, and stale and hot. It was like 15 degrees hotter in the house than it was outside and I was not coping well. Aaron finally strongarmed the screen door open and was able to get the plastic off the door and the tape, as well as off our bedroom window.

3. the shit job they've done on the condos... luckily I don't seem to be the only one who thinks it looks like crap.

4. they were parking in Aaron's spot, which is fine during the day, but they need to move their vehicle before 3pm and the fucker would ARGUE with me about it when I'd track his ass down. I put in a call to the property manager and he nipped it in the bud, thankfully.

also, this morning, one of them appeared out of the blue on my deck again... I thought they were done up here. It would have been nice to have some notice as I only realized he was there as I was in the middle of the living room vacuuming wearing my standard issue tank top and undies. *sigh* oh well, right?

How about some pics that are at least a month old???

He is so totally NOT watching the wiggles here...


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