Friday, September 01, 2006

Feeling better...

(originally posted on 8.14.06)

But what I'd give to stop blowing my nose at all... I just hate it. But I had energy today so I've done laundry and cleaned and such. so that's good...

Nolan reminded me today that just because he's walking, does NOT mean he's proficient at crawling. He told me this by totally bombing and somehow not taking a step w/ his right arm and falling FOREHEAD FIRST into the leg of the bakers rack... immediately turning purplish and denting his perfect little round forehead. *sigh* yes there were tears... I don't blame him, it looks AWFUL. Luckily a goose egg developed pretty quickly and he did tend to forget about it after a sippy of water was offered. He's napping now and I am hoping the bump will have gone down, yikes.

We didn't do much all weekend because I felt like crap... although I had been helping another gal plan a joint bday party for the babies on our chatboard who turn one in the summertime. So we all met up down at Cherokee Bay (a housing developement on a lake... Lake Wilderness perhaps?) and we stayed for a bit, and put the kids in the water and then went home... I was exhausted from being there even for just the time we were.

Here are some pics...

Nolan and Julia in the water

"homie wants some more cake."

Getting brave and walking on the grass... though we were on a hill, so he'd go a few steps and fall.

I think someone else wants more cake too

His new scrunchy face, I just love it

I don't remember why he had a diaper tied around his arm... I think Aaron did it

so happy.

I will say that the troubles we had between about 10.5 mos to 12.5 mos seem to have faded away considerably... he seems more agreeable, happier... unless I am just dealing w/ things better (which is a possibility, but Aaron's noticed it too) he's just become less angry and more chilled out. YAY!!!!

Also, I am still waiting to hear about the other site. *sigh* I so had better get FREE hosting for this month.

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