Friday, September 08, 2006

37 weeks cooked

and the shots thus far...

and comparison of me and Nolan vs. now

All is well, Nolan is doing really well... he's cutting 4 molars right now and handling it like a champ. We are also making HUGE strides in compliance! Lol, he still is willfull and determined and doesn't like to hear the word NO, but is doing much better... it's awesome.

Yesterday I asked him where Henry was (his lovey) and he went out into the living room and found him and brought him to me, I love that he knows what I am saying!!!

How big is Nolan? THIS BIG!

Hello? (this is how he signals the 'phone'.)

Heh, santa nolan... this is the result of diving nose first into the bubbles.

Love this shot, he just cracks me up.

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