Thursday, September 28, 2006


I would have updated sooner, but between numb fingers, hellacious cramps, a sick toddler and getting into the swing of things as a family of 4... I just haven't had time.

We were able to go in on Monday morning as scheduled... I was a bundle of nerves, but the anasthesiologist was WONDERFUL. He totally helped put me at ease, was gentle, numbed the I.V. site, the spinal site etc.

Surgery started around 8am I think, and at 8:17am Seth Aaron Maverick was born!

He was 9lbs 9oz and 21" long... a pound heavier and an inch longer than Nolan... I was beyond surprised. He was also born w/ a head full of dark hair!

and apgars were 8 and 9. Though he did need a bit of oxygen to pink up. He was unnamed until Wednesday afternoon... we just couldn't pick a name... nothing spoke to me. Aaron was very patient. :)

Everything is good... Nolan stayed w/ auntie Lori and uncle Seth at night and was watched by Auntie Karen and Grandpa during the day. He had a rough night on Monday night and on Tuesday when Lori brought him up to visit, he sat w/ me for a good 30 minutes (unheard of)... when they got ready to leave he started to cry (he had been pretty clingy to Aaron... hugging his leg, and such) and I knew he'd had a rough night previously... and when he started to cry, I totally started to cry. It was really rough not having him w/ me. I missed him so much, it was crazy.

Anyhoo, I had no pain w/ my c-section w/ Nolan... this time the pain fairy found me and gave me seconds. Even hopped up on massive IV pain killers... I was in bad shape. Today is the first day I've felt remotely better... I am still swollen, even the lasix didn't work... my hands are completely numb, which is making this entry a real pain in the ass to type up.

Anyway, here are a few pictures... don't have many of Nolan and Seth yet because Nolan's battling a cold and I have kept them apart for that reason.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nothing much to report...

Other than yesterday I cried on and off all day and today I'm bouncing off the walls.

fun stuff.

Nolan has become extremely clingy this past week... very unlike him, but I enjoy the loves. Playdate w/ Heather and Julia this afternoon followed by dinner at Olive Garden tonight.


Monday, September 18, 2006


I am tired of being pregnant. And I am in a filthy mood to boot (still). So I am not updating because anything I say will be taken the wrong way and I'm bound to hurt someone's feelings.

so fuck it.

I swear to God if I get bumped from my c/s this time I will go fucking postal.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I am not a pleasant pregnant person today. I'm better now (it's shortly before 11am) but last night and this morning I was in PAIN. Crotch pain, back pain, my ribs hurt, this giant child inside of me has been stretching a lot (and I don't blame him, I get claustrophobic just thinking about how cramped it must be in there.

I have two more O.B. appts left before the big day... one is tommorrow, and I am going to tell her flat out tommorrow that I am probably not going to go in to the next one. Getting Nolan and myself out of the house and him over to my parent's house (as he has MAJOR anxiety when I am up on the table even just getting my blood pressure taken) just about does me in. Just going to the supermall yesterday and walking around once, at a SNAIL'S pace... I was so uncomfortable and in pain last night that I was a total bitch to be around.

I don't fancy this feeling. So today we are doing nothing. zip. zilch. nada. All I've done besides take care of nolan, is sit on the couch, surf the net and play texas hold 'em on aaron's xbox. oh and I've already eaten too much ice cream for the day, but I don't even care.

Oh yeah and my limbs/hands are numb all the time. It's awesome.

Daddy and Nolan read a book together

Tickle, tickle, tickle!

My how he loves his daddy.

Friday, September 08, 2006

37 weeks cooked

and the shots thus far...

and comparison of me and Nolan vs. now

All is well, Nolan is doing really well... he's cutting 4 molars right now and handling it like a champ. We are also making HUGE strides in compliance! Lol, he still is willfull and determined and doesn't like to hear the word NO, but is doing much better... it's awesome.

Yesterday I asked him where Henry was (his lovey) and he went out into the living room and found him and brought him to me, I love that he knows what I am saying!!!

How big is Nolan? THIS BIG!

Hello? (this is how he signals the 'phone'.)

Heh, santa nolan... this is the result of diving nose first into the bubbles.

Love this shot, he just cracks me up.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I wasn't going to update today...

But the boss is sleeping and I am getting sleepy myself. I don't like to take naps because I am a heinous bitch when I wake up from them. So instead, I'll update!

Haven't done much today...Just the usual bit of housework/dishes/laundry... I way overdid things yesterday and am suffering today because of it. Yesterday I woke up in a FOUL mood... so I put myself to work to try and get rid of it. I : had an o.b. appt, washed my car, folded 2 loads of laundry, rearranged the dining room, vacuumed the living room and diningroom, reorganized the junk drawer, did 2 other loads of laundry, took my mom's push cart thing back, and I would've vacuumed out my car but I had no change and was starting to hurt by then.

All last night and today my lower tummy is so sore... so today was a do nothing day. I have a hair appt tommorrow and I am getting the itch to go bum around the supermall, so we may do that on friday to kill time. who knows.

I'm almost 37 weeks... tired. Big. Tired. Tired of being Big. Tired of being uncomfortable. The end is in sight, it's just a little farther than I'd like.

I haven't been having many braxton hicks, but my back is sore, I can barely sit up straight most of the time (Thankfully Aaron moved my laptop to the living room so I can update from the couch where I have more back support.), and I have numbness that comes and goes in my extremities... mainly my arms and hands. Oh and the swelling. It's great. up 6lbs in 5days. MOTHERFUCKING WONDERFUL.

Here are some pics from July...

This face he makes cracks me up

He looks like such a big boy here

So happy to play with his stroller

perhaps he's getting tired of the camera, no?

Us in late July

scrunchy face

Just leave me alone and let me fix this stroller!

Nolan and I at the zoo

I believe we were checking out the monkeys in this pic

Sleepy head on the way home from the zoo

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


My computer is running SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW. ugh I hate that.

anyway, no time for a real update, maybe tommorrow. All I can say is that all is well, I am swollen as hell. I was in a filthy mood for much of the day... and uh I'm tired of being pregnant. That's us in a nutshell.

oh and here are two videos...

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He was having a conversation on my dad's speakerphone w/ his auntie karen.

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and dammit all to hell we have climbing. *sigh*

Friday, September 01, 2006

36 weeks!

Had my 36 week appt yesterday, go again on tuesday... seems a bit ridiculous to me, but they insisted since the doc will only be in on tues and wed... and wed is already booked up w/ surgery.

Everything's fine... no progress even though I've been having some strong braxton hicks contractions for the last week. Way stronger than I ever had w/ nolan, some truly hard to breathe through.

Some days I hope I go into labor early, because I am so ready to be done, but then I realize the odds of me getting my actual doc to do the surgery then would be skim to none and I do NOT want some fucknut I don't know to do it.

I am definitely nesting, but can't do much because if Aaron comes home to find that I've moved all the stuff designated for storage out of our room I'll be in trouble. :) Our plan this weekend is to finish setting up our room and pack my hospital bag. Just in case. I just want it DONE.

No decision on names yet, and probably won't decide until he's born. I wanted to try and pick a name beforehand, but I'm a freak who can't just pick one and be done w/ it. So we'll just have to wait and see.

here I am at 36 weeks...

and here are some progression pics thus far:

and here is a comparison pic from 36w2d w/ nolan.

oh, and the status of the website is that I have officially switched webhosts, and am now navigating the murky waters of trying to transfer things over and figure out what the hell is going on, I hope to be back up and running on next week.
Well I had an entry all typed up...

(originally posted 8.29.06)

but my computer ate it. arg. So yeah, Monday was a baaaad day. I think the thing I need to remember is that the bad days really are rare. I think we were both full of doom and gloom on Monday and man... it was just bad. Things are much much better now, am still having some pretty strong braxton hicks... so strong they take my breath away, but nothing regular and they are actually not coming as much as they were over the weekend.

Yesterday I deep cleaned and reorganized the pantry. Today I deep cleaned the fridge, including scrubbing the shelves. I also swept both pantry and kitchen and mopped. I vacuumed the living room and our bedroom, and cleaned the livingroom, made the bed, and have done almost 3 loads of laundry and 2 loads in the dishwasher, and made a dozen banana/choc chip muffins for aaron's lunches.

I also had this urge to go to walmart today and get the last of the stuff we need before the baby comes. Just so I can have peace of mind that things are somewhat settled... more burp cloths, some new pacifiers, gel pads for the first few weeks of nursing... in case I am in pain like I was w/ nolan, a tote/drawer thing to store sleepers, onesies, booties and hats in our bedroom... in case I need them at night and don't want to go busting into nolan's room looking for them in the dark.

I still need to wash the last load of baby stuff and set aside the stuff for my hospital bag (at least I have a list to work off of), need to have Aaron put some shit in storage, and then I can start setting up our bedroom for the baby's arrival. (set up the pack and play/changing table, and pull out the cradle from our closet, set up the swing, etc.)

I've been busy! There's still so much I want to do, but my back is really starting to bug me, so I'm just going to pace myself for the rest of the day.

Nolan is doing great... this kid is STUBBORN... but wants to communicate so bad. He will NOT participate in sign language at all. I've been working on 'more' and 'all done' since April or before, and he just looks at me like I'm nuts. HOWEVER, I do believe we have a first word... not mama or daddy... which he's said, ... but not always w/ meaning, and so very rarely when we ask him to say it. No, he is now saying 'uh-oh' when we ask him to... and seemingly w/ meaning. So I'm counting that as his first word.

But besides speaking, he imitates Aaron and I and as much as it cracks me up, it is maddening because if he does that, why oh why doesn't he imitate sign language or speaking? For example, here is a video of him mimicking me blowing my nose. He totally did this on his own right before I grabbed the camera... it cracked me up! He now does it every time I blow my nose. (Also, when I ask what does Molly say, the noise he is making is a hissing noise). Last night at dinner and today when I was drinking out of my water bottle he stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked on it like a straw... so he's now imitating that. When the phone rings, or when he hears a phone on the tv, he puts his hand to his ear and babbles... that one cracks us up even more because at my parents house they have a speaker phone and it has no receiver to hold at all... yet this kid has figured out that it is indeed a phone. We were over there last week and the phone rang, and he immediately put his hand up to his ear and started babbling...loudly, lol.

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oh, and for Jane... I actually do have those straps for the sheets from bed bath and beyond, and those fuckers do not stay put for anything. Well, maybe for one night or two. It'll be 2 am and I'll roll over and hear it come undone and my sheet will come off the corner and then I not only want to shove my foot up the idiot's ass who designed our sheets, but the fucker who made those straps. I did see this though and am thinking of trying that in conjunction w/ the straps though I don't know if it'll help since the sheets are kind of a rayon/satiny feeling. Thanks for the tip though. :)
Bad Day

(originally posted on 8.28.06)

Today has not been a good day. Yesterday was a good day... my mom and sister threw me a diaper shower, and I got to spend the day w/ some very fabulous women and was totally spoiled (or rather, baby was spoiled ;P) oh and there were fun games, lots of chit chat and most importantly... costco carrot cake. It was a good day. Nolan's godmother Sarah helped me TREMENDOUSLY with him (for that I am eternally grateful!!!)... keeping tabs on him as he wandered the yard. He got to play with his friends Kj and Julia and it was just a really good day.

Friday and Saturday and Yesterday were all punctuated w/ some nasty braxton hicks though. Luckily they didn't really bother me during the shower, but all that morning and last night... not that I'd get them regularly... but they just make it really hard to breathe. I wasn't in any pain or anything, but it definitely makes getting stuff done a lot harder.

All last night and this morning I was so sore (probably from the b/h I am assuming)in my lower abdomen... haven't had many b/h today, so that's a good thing. (I might add it's not a dehydration issue or an overdoing it issue either...).

Anyway. It's not been a good day today. I don't even want to go into it other than to say that I am stressed, I am TIRED of the tantrums and I myself have done my share of crying out of frustration today. And if I catch my tummy/bellybutton on one more fucking thing I might completely lose it. (Aaron - in case you notice that the pantry door is a bit off kilter, I just want to say we're damn lucky it's still on there after I was through w/ it this morning.)

So, because I'm not having a good day, here is a list of things that are stressing me out in no particular order.

1. I don't know how to parent a spirited toddler. (if that's even the case... could be the age, I don't know... but we are not meshing well and I need to figure out what the FUCK to do to avoid days like this.)

2. the kitchen table. (currently cluttered beyond recognition)

3. my bedroom... and the lack of organization, tidyness I seem to be requiring these days.

4. the sheets on the bed. Seriously. WHO THE FUCK designed these sheets? the corners come off the bed CONSTANTLY... and you know, on a good day... it's down right irritating. on a bad day, it's license to beat the hell out of someone/something.

5. my car needs a tuneup.

6. aaron's trunk needs to be waterproofed.

7. I'm so tired I could vomit.

8. I have no name for this baby.

9. this motherfucking website is going to be the death of me. Seriously... I realize I may have done it to myself, but those idiotic fuckers over at simonweb are now not answering my emails. *sigh* That was another reason for the crying today... it's just a big bunch of bullshit I don't feel like dealing with. I have found a few other hosting companies that seem good, but we'll see. I just hate simonweb with such a passion right now.

10. I am tired of being big. I like that I have a belly and look pregnant, but I am TIRED of catching it on stuff. Spilling stuff on it and most of all I'm tired of being uncomfortable, in pain and overall pregnant in general.

11. I hate my hair. Not the style.. but the texture and thickness changed w/ both pregnancies. It went from being thin and easy to deal w/, to growing an extra row of hair (which is now about 3" long all around my head) and is so thick I don't even blow dry it anymore.

12. I don't know what I'm going to do w/ nolan when I'm in the hospital. Initially My sister was going to come to our house and watch him, but she doesn't want to do that. I understand why, it's a pain in the ass, but he can no longer stay at my mom's (a plan we devised somewhat recently) as my mom broke her foot on friday and there's no way the cast is going to be off in time ... which leaves the options so far of him either staying at Lori's house and then being taken to my mom's during the day (to be watched by his auntie karen) or having one of my best friend's Holly just stay at our house w/ him and then drop him off. I trust them both, but Nolan doesn't really know holly... whereas he knows and adores Lori... But the bottom line is that he's going to be away from Aaron and I for 3.5 days or so. He's used to mainly being around us, and w/ his schedule being all messed up in that time, and being away from us (though he'll see us when he's brought up to the hospital) his little world will be completely turned upside down.

I just want him to be in his own bed... I am torn as to whether I am being unreasonable w/ this request, but ... this is a kid of routine... and if he's at least in his own bed, I feel like he'll have some semblance of normalcy. *sigh* this is when I want to kick my own ass for getting pregnant so soon. I hate that I am putting him in this predicament... worried sick is actually a better way to put it. He's not going to know what the heck is going on.

13. my pantry. I need to just throw out the shit we will never use. I am so sick of the clutter in there I could scream.

14. I need to pack my hospital bag and I have zero motivation to do it.

15. have I mentioned that I'm tired?
Belly Pics... (OK MOM?!)

(originally posted on 8.20.06)

To appease my mom who wanted to take a belly pic of me today (but today I look nastay) here are my last two bellyshots... the 34 week one was taken friday.

needless to say, I've dropped :) Thank ya Jesus! I can breathe again.
So Tired

(originally posted 8.19.06)

we've had a busy few days, I'm still arguing w/ my hosting company and actually am checking into different companies that are NOT fucked up. Ugh. I'm so over this.

Anyway, today was a rough day... Nolan had a wierd sleep day yesterday that threw his schedule off by a few hours, and thusly today took a short morning nap and proceeded to have a not so good afternoon... The car ride to the petting zoo (where we met up w/ Heather and Julia) was a good hour and 15 mins... he was hungry, tired and PISSED OFF. Cried about half the way... my nerves were pretty much shot when we got there.

He was ok when I fed him and got him out of the stroller (though he tried hogging all of Julia's watermelon... note to self: BUY WATERMELON) and he had fun on the swings, but once we got into the petting zoo area... he wanted to crawl on the woodchips, not walk. Not happening. Not to mention there were ... cow pies around. ew. He thought it was pretty cool to sit next to a baby cow, but when I picked him up to move along ... arched back, went limp as a fish and SCREAMED. I dealt w/ that a few times and then told Heather that I was done... it was hot, my pants kept falling down (FUCKING MATERNITY PIECES OF SHIT!) and I was still not completely recovered from the ride up.

So we made our way back up to my car and Nolan did really well for about the first half of the way home... He even fell asleep, but woke up when we hit bellevue, and proceeded to cry and scream from there until Kent. *sigh* It was that cry that kind of freaks you out, because it's only usually reserved for pain and other super upsetting moments... it was a loooong ride home, with me blinking back tears of frustration as well.

When we got home he refused his pm nap (thanks to the cat nap in the car), but for the most part was pretty agreeable and even happy. He ate a great dinner and then fought sleep when we put him down (a half hour early)... I'm looking forward to a new day tommorrow. We both had a rough time today :)

Here are some pics of the day:

The watermelon thief

Julia, enjoying her lunch

A post lunch swing

Miss Julia enjoying her time in the swing

So HAPPY to be out of his carseat!!!!!

Taking things one step at a time

Julia getting acquainted with a calf

Nolan was quite enamored with the calf as well

He kept touching it's ears and eye... poor calf.

The ONE time I could get him to look at me, he was too fascinated, lol

Heather and Julia checking out the other animals

Auntie Heather and Nolan... he was mid-tantrum and she offered to take him over there, I just couldn't carry him... it was like wrestling one large contorting muscle.

Julia and Auntie Al

Last night at azteca, he was being awfully cute