Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today's cuteness...

These are all from Father's Day, we went to a bbq at my aunt's house, and Nolan was having a rough personal day. He was a tad cranky and not in the mood to socialize, and he was having a hard time because he wanted so bad to get down and crawl, but is not fond of grass and well... bare knees on cement don't add up to a good time. He was a trooper though, and was rewarded when we put him in the play car, oh my LORD did the child enjoy himself.

when he finally got over his fear of the grass he made a break for it

Loving his daddy

his expression (nolan's that is,) pretty much sums up the first half of his day, poor buddy.

then the light came back into his life w/ this car...

Hey baby, wanna go for a ride?

giving auntie Lori some loves

Lori and Seth

Nolan and uncle Seth


happy family

and this one cracks me up, it's my little cousin Evan, taking 'pictures' of our other cousins. too funny!

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