Friday, June 02, 2006

A boy and his loveys

Meet Floyd.

we bought floyd back in october I think, as a lovey for Nolan. He was 12 bucks I think(TWELVE BUCKS?!) at target. Fast forward to June of 2006. Eight months in Floyd's life have proved rough. He is coming apart at the seams.


(slightly off topic but wtf? It's a BABY TOY purchased from THE BABY DEPARTMENT... and made so shoddily. ugh.)

Because Floyd's time may or may not be limited here on earth I decided that we should purchase a backup lovey. In case he meets his demise sooner than later.

Meet Henry. Henry is made by Carter's which is a sign I hope, that he is of higher quality. He also doesn't have as many seams... I showed him to Nolan in the store last week and Nolan spent the remaining time at the store rubbing Henry on his face and giving him loves. I was sold.

Nolan loves floyd

and he also loves henry

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Here you can see him loving them live.

also, I expanded his perimeter this morning, he is no longer confined to the living room, and to celebrate he did laps around the dining room table and almost knocked the wine bottles off the baker's rack. (they have relocated to a safer location.) He also figured out he could reach the table, and all of his baby brother's clothes that I had just de-tagged were dragged down and played with for over an hour. Who knew infant onesies could be so entertaining?

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