Monday, June 05, 2006


Nothing new to report here... I am feeling large and in charge, and am driving Aaron crazy with my incessant tales of back fat. I hate me some backfat. ugh.

My headaches have been coming back, my doc prescribed me a preggo safe muscle relaxer and said that I could use them for my insomnia too... kind of a double edged sword, when I do use them I am DOWN FOR THE COUNT. And then feel groggy as heck the next morning. I just took one now because it feels like the back of my head and neck are in a vice. fun.

also, does my webpage here load really slowly for anyone else? I think it may be the sidebar that's slowing it down for me, but I don't know if it's the same for everyone.

In lieu of real content, how about some pictures of the little guy?

Being adorable

... where the hell... I know I left it in here somewhere....

Eating his dinner... back when he ate willingly, and before he acted like I was coating everything in dog shit and dirt. Mr. picky all of a sudden... what is that about?

exploring, back when we had the living room partitioned off

mr giggles

how he keeps the binky in sometimes, I'll never know.

I just love this outfit, but he's almost outgrown it completely... it was a tad small for this summer season, so at least next summer the new little one should be able to wear it.

Not sure what to make of the sandals

wide load

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