Monday, May 22, 2006

So Yeah...

Still battling this stomach virus... the SAME one I got on mother's day a WEEK ago is still giving me some digestive woes, and is also giving Nolan a bit of a time. He's decided that he doesn't like his formula anymore and is highly pissed if you press the issue. Pedi said he should get 24 oz a day right now, and we are averaging about 12-16oz if we are lucky. Nolan's also decided that he enjoys emptying his bowels once a day in liquid form... ok, maybe he doesn't enjoy it... Lord knows I don't. How many outfits can he shit through in a week you ask? It's bad. At least he's not going all day everyday, but still.

Aaron came down w/ the virus in the middle of the night last thursday. He spent the entire day laying in bed on friday, getting up only twice for very short periods of time. Poor guy was OUT OF IT. He's never sick, so it was really wierd to see him like that. He was feeling a bit better saturday, and yesterday was much better. I'll be glad when this bug is out of our home completely.

So here are some recent pics of our little dude...

He shoots, he scores! from the rear

from the front

Nolan goes in for a better look

Reading his book with such concentration

ahhh sweet sunshine

smells like.... eeeeeeevil.

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