Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day Recap

Everything considered it was a great weekend... I had to take the west-b exam on saturday... it's the Washington Educators Skills Test - Basic... you have to pass it to get accepted into the teacher prep programs.

Anyhoo, that accounted for nearly 4 hours of my day. SUCK. After that we went to a lovely bbq to meet the mom and sister of an online pal. We met through our due date group on fertility friends, and now we all sort of chat on the board that evolved from that group. A handful of us in the seattle area try to meet up every now and then to let the babies play and to chat and such. Nolan had 4 friends there that day! It was great because they aren't really at that age where they get mad and throw tantrums yet.

when we got home I was surprised with a spotless kitchen, a bed that was made and a clean house! Aaron was busy! I was dreading getting the house in order too, so that was awesome. and I got to open my mother's day gifts that night. He did good.

Sunday morning I went and had coffee with one of my best friends. we are going to try and make a habit of that. Aaron kept nolan so I could go and have a little time off and also so we wouldn't disrupt his naps if at all possible. Then I came home (to a vacuumed house no less - seriously, I think he's a keeper!) and we ate lunch. Around 1230 I started not feeling so good. Tummy cramps... nausea... kind of the pre-cursor feelings to the green apple two-step.

So I laid around till it was time to go, and we packed up nolan and the rest of the stuff we needed and headed over to my sister's house for dinner with my parents and her boyfriend's parents. I felt like dog shit... and spent most of the time laying on the couch until we went home. In fact, now at 1pm on monday, all I've had to eat in the past 24 hours is a bowl of cereal... and I don't see that changing any time soon. ugh.

BUT! the day was not a loss! Even though I was feeling terrible we still had a lovely time. Aaron and Nolan got a great spaghetti dinner w/ garlic bread, and chocolate cake for dessert. Man, you know I wasn't feeling good if I passed up a piece of my sister's chocolate cake. We were also surprised with a very cool gift from my parents and my sister. Behold:

the double stroller... boy if it hadn't hit home that our world is about to change in a big way, seeing this puppy sure made it! It's really cool, and nolan gave it a rousing seal of approval (that is, after thorough inspection of all 4 wheels.) We were so surprised! I know we said it a lot yesterday, but thanks mom, dad and lori!

He loves him some bread

nolan and daddy hung out quite a bit while I laid around.

Mr. precise and his precision fingers inspect the controller

Nolan and grandma/nana -- mom have you decided what he's going to call you YET?

*sniff* I don't see any bit of him that's baby like in this picture... he is most definitely becoming a little boy.

Mom and Lori and I... I was looking at the comparison pic from 2004... when I looked a little less linebackerish and almost wept. I WILL BE THIN AGAIN! Still, it's nice to have a picture together, and despite my own quibbles about my appearance I kind of like this picture.

So yes, it was a great day despite my tummy ailments... despite the fact that we came home and I laid in bed writhing in discomfort for 5 hours before FINALLY getting sick on and off all night. It was a relief though, and I hope tonight fares better.

Not too bad for my first mother's day... oh and did I tell you that my mom and I bought each other the SAME book for gifts? Great minds think alike!

And of course, the best gift of all... my sweet boy.

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